Sunday, December 30, 2012

Missing in Action

Yes, it's been a while!
For now it will remain quite around here.
So, so, so busy...
I'm thinking maybe until Spring.
We'll see! 
Until then!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mildly Distracted

We are feeling a little bit of the "Perfect Storm Sandy" here.
My girls are napping and I have a few minutes to spare so I'm 
stopping by to post about my latest distraction.
I've seen it on blogland and even more so in the past few months.
Punch Needle embroidery... or is it Needle Punch?
Growing up I remember my mom embroidering using this technique.
I even remember what she made ... burp clothes for my 1st niece who is now
in her 20's! I also remember her explaining me a bit about it, she said
the proper name is Russian embroidery but she called it Pretty Punch.
She even combed the loops on the mane of the cute horse she embroidered to make 
it look like a real mane. Ahhhh, sweet memories!!!
Anyhow... over a week ago, I happened to find myself with some great 60% off coupons
and got the goodies in the picture above :-).
2 of the new DMC Color Variations, the Amazon collection and the 
Blue Lagoon collection plus a punch needle from Clover... they called 
theirs Embroidery Stitching Tool.
Came home and tackled a cute small pattern (that I modified a bit) from
Big B's Sewing Room pattern packet. I used my regular DMC floss
and did a bit of stitching. It was fun and not that hard, but I most admit
that watching some online tutorials helped me understand how it works.
I haven't finish embroidering... or should I say punching? 
But I look forward to it when next time I have few minutes to spare.
Since the memory of my mom embroidering using this technique is so clear
in my mind and one that I treasure, I did some googling and was able to 
find the same needle my mom use to have :-). So I order me a set
and also a book that averagejanecrafter recommended me on Instagram.
I'm not able to play with my goodies... not quite yet, not for the length
of time that I will like to anyways. Oh well, hopefully soon!
Now I really must go... baby is awake and needs to eat!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mother-Daughter Stitchalong... Letter "A"

Brief post to share our mother-daughter stitch-along
 Our letters were completed the weekend before the last.
Below is my daughter's progress.
 We may have some time this coming weekend to start on "B",
it'll be ok if it doesn't happen since we are aiming for a letter a month. 
Below is my progress.
I'm not going to be able to be around here much (only 
if I get the chance).
This has been a busy month and November will be too.
Hope y'all are enjoying your week!

Notes: Patterns from Sublime Stitching.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mother-N-Daughter Stitchalong

My oldest and I have officially started our Stitchalong!
There are no deadlines.
Our goal is to do at least one letter a month, two if possible.
This time counts for September since that's when we started it.
I will try to post our progress once a month by the end of each month.
We chatted and enjoyed each other's company.
She already has plans for how she wants to embroider
her letters and even on what to do with the finish piece!
When it comes to my other wips... I haven't been able to 
do much. Will share an update when there is progress ;-).
Thanks for the nice comments on previous post!
Will try to catch up with y'all blogs soon!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Stitchathon Cut Short

My Stitchathon plans went a bit sour.
Got really sick on Saturday and was not able to stitch as much as I wanted.
I did make a bit of progress on my Daisychain Sampler.
Done with D and E!
This is how it looks so far!
I didn't want to go for my digital camera so I used
my phone, that's why the pictures are not that great.
Then I moved to something else and stitched this cute
I think so far this is my most favorite Sublime Stitching pattern, so far!
The other 3 designs in this pattern are very cute as well.

I've printed the pattern sheet on Sticky Fabri-Solvy, it was easy
to stitch with. Another not so glamorous shots... oh well!
I already rinsed it and washed it... already wore it and soiled it! :-)
The Sticky Fabri-Solvy melted completely with no residue that I can see or feel.
I'm still battling this cold/flu thankfully fever is down and I'm not shivering anymore.
Fall brings beautiful weather to spend it inside sick sipping soup.
Enjoy your week!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stitchathon Weekend

Thankfully I'm feeling better but to be on the safe side will take it easy this weekend.

(Please note: 3rd picture on 1st vertical column Picture Attribution to Mollie/Wild Olive. More info on this picture on her blog, almost at the end of this post:
(You can also find the pattern on her etsy shop: here.)

Easy when it comes to errands and chores but not from stitching.
I'm declaring this weekend
9/21/12 to 9/23/12 my
Stitchathon Weekend.
Let see how much progress
I can make on my wips!
Will be posting progress throughout
on my new Instagram. It is sooo easy to upload pictures there and you can upload as many as you like.

When my Stitchathon comes to an end, then I will post here my accomplishment(s).
Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Monday, September 17, 2012

So Much To Stitch... little time!
(Note: All pictures on this post are linked.)

Stitching is one of my favorite therapies... must keep at it, must find time.

For tonight I'm just going to rest
and see how I feel in the morning.

So much to stitch,
so little time!

Ciao for now!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

National Sewing Month

Isn't September national sewing
month? I believe it is.

It so happens that last month
released a hand embroidery
pattern set called:
Sewing Room.
How neat!!!
I got my copy few weeks ago
and may be stitching one of the
many designs in the pattern set soon...
Stay tune :-).

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back To Stitching!

Oldest Dd is back to stitching!
Remember her SS dachshund wip?
Well she made some progress this past weekend.
(work in progress shot)
If you took a look at the previous post you probably noticed
that she told me to rip her previous stitches because she
wanted to start over. It's amazing how in few months (in which she didn't 
embroider at all) she was able 
to do a better job... kids grow so fast!
I was stitching next to her when I took this picture but forgot to 
take a picture of the progress dd made before she 
put it away, however, while she napped a very proud momma went 
into her dd's basket to snap a few ;-).
She has really improved her backstitch!
Don't you think?
She is stitching this for her baby sister and requested my help
to turn it into a stuffed toy with a rattle and a "squeeker"
inside once she is done.
I made sure I left everything in its place after 
the photo shoot.
 (Just so you know this is how she keeps her things... 
I do not.. and I repeat, I do not 
arrange her things whatsoever. She loves to keep her things
just so and will notice right away if something is not in place.)
She asked me if I can get her a larger basket because
her stash fits a bit tight on this one. I told her that maybe but only 
if she keeps up with her stitching. 
I thought she has lost interest but I guess she was only 
on a long stitchy break.
We have made plans to do a Mom and Daughter Stitch-Along
... will share details on a future post.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh Well...

I was hoping to finish this quilt before September... it didn't happen.

Taking care of health, family and daily life events take priority which meant that all else was on hold.
August was a very busy and challenging month indeed!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stash Addition

I pre-ordered Little Stitches by Aneela Hoey,
from my book club and it arrived yesterday!
Want a tiny peek?
Thought so! ;-)

The book contains complete instructions and diagrams for embroidery stitches (plus suggestions and ideas on how to use them) and for the twelve projects using some of the hand embroidery patterns in the book. I already have a few favorites and by the way, you could trace or iron-on the super cute embroidery patterns... neat ha!?!

Above you can see the detachable iron on sheet of embroidery patterns that comes folded on the back of the book. I also love that the embroidery keys for the projects are given in the form of charts!
Aneela talks a bit about her book on her blog Comfortstitching on this post, where she is showcasing her super cute new fabric
line: Sew Stitchy for Moda.

PS: (I hope to be able to catch up with blogs and emails over the weekend)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Betsy's Closet In Stitches SAL

Though I mentioned that may not be able to blog until the end of the month I'm too excited and despite being already tucked in for the night
I needed to share:
Betsy's Closet In Stitches SAL
(link above to SAL blog)

(picture above links to designer blog post)
I must first finish the tummy time quilt for my wee one and then start this one... it is for oldest dd, for being such a great big sister.
It will be a surprise!
I'm still waiting for my pattern to arrive but already have my fabrics and threads ready :-D, all from my stash.

At first I was thinking in using Cosmo floss but then when I saw that Jenny was using her Finca perle cotton #16
I remembered that I had some on my stash in #8, only that the green I have doesn't go very well with my fabrics so may need to get a better match.

I'm very excited about this quilt! It is small and so cute! I'm thinking that by the end of this month or by September I should be able to start working on it.
Are you working on an exciting project at the moment?
Ok time to close my eyes and catch
some ZzzZzZzzz's.
PS (I'm slowly starting to work on this as well.)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Last Minute Stitching

I was able to do some last minute stitching last night.
With so much going on around here I didn't think it was possible.
(The patterns I used are generously shared by flickr member mmaammbr.)

However where there is a will there is a way... right? (is that how it goes?
On the NEwVP group there was a summer contest going on and I wanted to support 
the contest by participating. I had great experiences on previous SAL's so
after putting the girls to bed for the night I quickly got to work.

The host really outdid herself in finding sponsors... so many goodies as prizes.
However as some of you already know my embroidery stash is 
kind of overflowing but as aforementioned I mainly entered just for fun and participation.
Judges will only be looking at the stitching perse not at how the item 
was finished -which worked out great for me who had a chance to enter
at the last minute.

I only wanted to use the cute birdies on them since they remind me
of my 2 precious daughters.
My oldest is constantly singing lullabies to her baby sister who loves it!
Thankfully baby girl fell asleep on her swing and I was able
to finish the birdies on time to enter the contest.

 It took me almost an hour to complete, the size definitely helped since
these cuties are small... that is a 3 inch hoop.
I had a great experience, the rules were simple to follow so
my picture along with the required information was uploaded
with no hassles. It is nice to browse the entries and read
why the participant chose the particular pattern/category, etc. .

My entry is here... it felt so good to be able to stitch for a bit!
Later on I may applique this onto a onesie or t-shirt for baby girl. 
Until next time... 
Stitch On!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Outing

Today I took advantage of the nicer weather, me feeling good and took the girls (and myself) for an outing.

We walked the outside area of the mall, stopped for a bit at the book store, met some friends for lunch and on our way back did a quick errand.

Even though I was badly tempted
with these pictured crafty goodies I was good and passed on them....
how-e-verrrrr, I can't get that Tilda one out of my head. I'm just curious about it since the format is different, hmmm, we'll see.

Maybe I just give in only this time (specially since is $$$) on the Tilda one to check it out and see for myself what's all about ;-).
Ooohhh, what will you do?
PS #1 (I'm hoping to catch up with your blogs by next weekend... thanks for stopping by!)
PS #2 (still without pc but found some applications that make posting from phone easier)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

She Is Done!

Yes, Dancing Princess #2 it's all done!
When tracing her I made a few mistakes. It was with a permanent pen so it shows a bit but since she will be going dancing at night it won't matter that much.
She is ready to join her sister on the dance floor :-)!
Note: Free SAL Hosted by Lilipopo

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dancing Princess #2 Wip

I had the opportunity to do some stitching this past Sunday! 
A limited amount of time. It needed it to be small & cute :-).

The 2nd princess of Lilipopo's SAL was the perfect fit. Hopefully I will be able to finish it by tomorrow. Phew, just in time since I saw that the 3rd princess is about to be release!
PS #1 ( :-/ still without pc, posting from office pc)
PS #2 (Wild Olive -Molly- is celebrating her 8th blog anniversary and has a free treat for those that stop by within 24 hours only... if you love hand embroidery you don't want to miss it!)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Stitching Hiatus

Honestly, I really don't know when my stitching hiatus will end. Meanwhile trying to keep motivated will suffice.
Hope y'all are having a great summer!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


A sudden desire for cookies followed by the realization that all ingredients were at hand...
the rest is history!
Made only half of the recipe with some minor modifications.
I used a trail mix of nuts and cranberries with a sprinkle of raisins
and a small amount of tiny chocolate morsels.
My brown sugar was useless so I omitted it and substituted the egg
(since I made only half recipe) with 1 tbsp flaxseed meal mixed with
3 tbsp warm water.
Since I didn't use the brown sugar the cookies were crispier but
I didn't mind at all since I was craving sweet and crispy :-).
These above I flattened a bit with a spoon half way baking time thinking
that it was needed. The ones below I let them be and ended up with 
a nice natural rustic aesthetic which I liked much better.
For odd, we improvised some mini allergen free s'mores.
She enjoyed putting them together and even more eating them!
(Yes... that cookie sheet has served me well, I think it is time
to replace it and I believe you totally agree with me!)
Baby let mommy have some fun in the kitchen and
 slept through the whole process :-).
Notes:  I made half of the recipe with substitutions and modifications.
The recipe is the one underneath Quaker's Oatmeal lid and it can 
also be found here.

These may also interest you:

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