Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finger Kitchen Mitten

 This finger kitchen mitten is one of my previous projects
made in November 2008.
A very quick, easy and fun crafty project to squeeze in a busy schedule!
The pattern for the mitten is a free pattern from
the Needlecrafter website.
The pattern I used for the stitcheries of the rooster
and momma hen and her chicks is from ...
 ... an embroidery pattern set  from Patternbee.
As I already mentioned is very quick to put together,
the only step requiring time is the embroidery and that is
if you want it to be embroidered.
 Mine turned out a bit big, if I ever decide to make another
one I will definitely reduced the size of the pattern a little
before printing it.
Just for fun.... below is a before picture with most
of the things needed to make the finger kitchen mitten.
Maybe you remember when I posted this on a previous
old blog but if this is your first time seeing it
I hope you like it and perhaps make one (or some)!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sneaking In Some Stitching :-)

I couldn't resist... ;-)!
Very soon I will be working on my 3 stitchy quilt blocks for 
the month of February in the meantime I started 
stitching one of the designs on the Garden Pincushion pattern I just
Sneaking a small project to work on here and there while 
I still keep my focus on my Stitchy Baby Animal Quilt.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stash Additions

It's been awhile since I've added goodies to my stash.
However, not long ago, some things got my attention, a couple of
books and a pincushion pattern that I saw in 2 blogs,
here and here.
Because of the pincushion pattern, well, the materials/supplies 
to make them were part of the bounty.
A Garden Pincushion pattern by Lynette Anderson,
Seasons (Cosmo) variegated embroidery floss and a 
few fat quarters of Secret Garden fabric by Lynette Anderson.
I expect to work on a few pincushions 
here and there as time permits. 
I will not be using the buttons that came with the pattern
but some wood ones that I already had on my stash.
These skeins of variegated thread have such pretty colors in
them, however I was playing with the darker 8042 one and
it takes a while to change from one color to another when
hand embroidering, perhaps is a different story when cross stitching so
because of that I won't be using that one for the pincushions but
the 8050 and 8065 ones.
Look at this particular one... lots of vibrant colors in one skein.
I forgot to find out if they are colorfast, which is very important
for me (will do that now).
To my surprise I received all these items very quickly,
great customer service indeed! 
I didn't spend much on all this because I recycle the $
from some books I sold recently on my shop :-).
I will show you the books I mentioned at the beginning on a future post!
Have you added any recent goodies to your stash?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Quilt Progress (Blocks 1-3)

These are the first 3 blocks for the month of January all finished!
There is a Stitchy Quilt Along going on at this moment
on New Embroidery with Vintage Patterns group on flickr
in which I'm also posting my progress report under this 
discussion topic.
Below is a just for fun picture of my bunny block in the making
while waiting at a doctor's office.
 I need to piece a couple of blocks to start stitching 
blocks 4-6 blocks for the month of February.
I'm trying to keep my focus (which at times is really hard)
so I can finish this quilt on time... by April.
Are you working on any crafty long term projects?
I will love to see ;-)!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Evening of Doodling

Few days ago Dd and I spent the evening (before her bedtime) 
drawing and doodling away.
She loves to draw and able to focus on it for a long time.
Since it's been awhile since my last stitchery freebie I decided
to doodle another free hand embroidery pattern to add to the previous ones:
Around the Fence and Around the Fountain which
you could download here if you like.
I'm not an artist or a designer by any means but maybe some of you 
may find these freebies cute and useful ;-).
I hope to be able to upload this new freebie soon!

PS (An update on my January blocks for my quilt project soon.)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Creative Space ;-) (Part 1)

These days have been so cold/cloudy/rainy around here.
I already stitched my 3 blocks for this month (yes!!!)
I won't take pictures until the sun comes out.
So here I am blogging about my Needlework Station area
(previously blogged about it on my "old" blog).
Picture above is how it looks now, which I'm pleased with.
Below was how it looked when I first set it up, which still 
I think it was nice... however....
when I started to acquire more things then it looked
like the picture below... overcrowded/messy indeed!
I still think I can do something better with the see-thru 
plastic drawers... any ideas?
I think the see-thru drawers take away from 
the tidiness of the desk area... what do you think?
Could I dressed them up some kind of way?
I don't want to have to replace them but just up-cycle them
or something like that.
I'm willing to consider any ideas ;-)!
Well, any ideas that don't involved moving them
to a different place because I don't have any 
other place for them.
Please do share!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The More "Serious" Hand Embroidery

Sigh! I really need to find time to continue
working on my Training Kits.
(Above: collage that compiles embroidery in TK 1-3)
On my "old" blog I used to post occasionally about
them and how things were going. Well,
honestly I haven't touch my Training Kit 3 wip
in a long time.
I sure want to! It is just that even though it is
more satisfying for me to work on this more
"serious" kind of embroidery it does take
a considerable amount of time. 
Maybe working a few minutes here and there?
I don't like doing that because it doesn't work for me.
(This below is my 3rd Training Kit Practice Piece)
It is not like in simple outline embroidery, in just a few minutes 
with just a few common simple stitches outlining the shape of 
your design you can make good progress and
even stitch almost everywhere while out and about.
 With this type of "serious" embroidery 
 I want to sit surrounded by
threads, needles, stork embroidery scissors ;-),
lots of sunlight, a refreshing drink, no distractions
 and at least 2 to 3 hours every other day
of spare time that I can immerse myself  into
some "serious" embroidery!
(Below is my current 3rd Training Kit wip)
It takes me about 10-15 minutes to set everything up and get
the atmosphere just right to start working on this type 
of more complicated designs, then every element in the 
design requires focus, precision and time.
This above is the last Training Kit I started, #3.
There is a total of 6. 
(Below is my 1st Training Kit finished and Practice Piece)
(Below is my 2nd Training Kit finished and Practice Piece
left to right: uncut turkey stitch, cut turkey stitch, practice piece)
I think my only resource could be... 
a weekend of binge (lol) embroidering once a month.
Hmmm... I normally do have one weekend
a month without much in my schedule.
That may work!  
It has to... because I really can't and I'm not willing to sacrifice 
precious time with family and with my personal dedication to my Maker.
I wonder... what is needed, in your case, to 
be able to work and enjoy what you love doing?
 I will love to hear it!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quilt Project Wip (Block #1)

Yes, I'm done hand embroidering Block #1!
(picture below shows just before beginning to stitch)
I received the Sulky cotton thread 12wt a couple of days ago
and I'm so glad I got it. In the picture below you can appreciate
that the Finca perle cotton #8 was a bit to thick (at least to my liking)
for the tiny delicate lines of the small patterns I will be embroidering.
I was not able to finish it before sunset -you know how it
goes when you run a house and have progeny ;-)- but was glad
that at least it got done today.
I trimmed a bit of the excess Fabri-Solvy and was going to 
rinse it off but since I didn't pre-wash the pre-cut strips of fabric
I thought that perhaps I will just rinse them all
together after assembling the quilt top.
 What a cute teddy!
Bunny will be next... hopefully tomorrow will have it done.
I was going to stitch everything in dark brown but decided to
stitch the flowers in coordinating colors. 
The hand embroidery stitches I used on this teddy are:
straight stitch, lazy daisy (aka: detach chain stitch),
back stitch, fly stitch and satin stitch.
Besides the Sulky 12wt brown thread I also used
other threads from my stash: 
DMC Danish green flower thread (a non divisible fine matte cotton thread),
Cotton Floché in yellow and 1 strand of good old DMC in blue.
If you missed the beginning of this quilt project, perhaps 
you may want to take a look here.
Detail information on floché, flower thread and perle cotton
by Mary C. at Needle-n-Thread here.
PS=(Dd loves her embellished turtle neck shirt. She right
away tried it on and ran to her mirror. What a nice feeling! 
I forgot to take a picture of it finished before she put it in her 
room and she is sleeping now so photo for later ;-). She is
wearing it tomorrow for school.)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Something For Dd

I've been dealing with a cold for a few days already and yesterday it started to get worst.
At this moment I'm very limited on my options for meds so 
I needed to take my mind away from the fact that 
I'm only able to breath through my mouth :-/.

Thankfully working on a little something for Dd has helped!
Few weeks ago I got her a plain red turtle neck shirt for school and
she asked if it could be embellished with her favorite characters 
to which I agreed but put it off until now. 
I had everything I needed in my stash: 
Lite Steam-a-Seam, Eco-spun Felt, Perle Cotton 
plus the tools of the trade :-).
As you see I'm almost done (on this very moment 
stitching and posting this from bed). This is my first time
working on a project like this one so hopefully the end result
will be wearable and the recipient likes it.
I let you know!
There are lots of tutorials out there for embellishing
shirts with applique but the project was embedded in my mind
since I saw it on one of the blogs I follow:

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Have You Seen...

...the freebies on the Lecien website?
They have lots of free quilt patterns, some with
stitcheries ;-)
Look what I found there!
I particularly fell in love with this one, not only 
because is a hand embroidery pattern but it is
from Robin designer of Bird Brain Designs
stitchery patterns... which I have quite a few of.
There are other patterns by well know designers.
What you need to do if you will like to download it
is go to their website and click it from there.
Here it is:

What about this one here,
Cute, ha?
This one is under their 
Lecien Zakka Recipe tab... you have to explore
clicking the 5 white buttons on the top right
to find it... ;-). Ok, I tell you is on the
3rd button from left to right.
Have fun exploring!
I saved them for later... trying to focus now on 
the quilt project.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hand Embroidered Quilt Project Progress

I'm working slowly on a small simple quilt that I
will like to have finished by April 2012.
It will be a 9 block quilt.
 I'm using a Hello Betty Retro jelly roll from my stash that
I intended to use for a 2011 BOM but didn't.
For the centers just a solid light cream fabric. Maybe is
bone-white(?). I also will be adding some raw edge center blocks
to some of the 9 blocks.
With only a simple doll quilt as previous experience,
this will be my very 1st quilt.
I'm taking my time choosing fabric for the borders
and perhaps you can get the feeling of how I go about it...lol.
I'm not doing all the cutting 1st but I cut as I go. Yes, it  is slower
but I get a better feeling of how I want to combine fabric colors
and patterns this way. You more experience
quilters, please be kind, laugh but don't let me hear you! ;-) 
These super cute baby animal patterns will be
the fun part of this on-the-making quilt, they will
be hand embroidered on each of the block centers.
I didn't feel like tracing all those tiny lines forming the
body of each of the animal patterns
(if you click on the picture you will see what I'm talking about)
 so I printed the designs on sticky-fabri-solvy.
I'm only waiting for some cotton thread in 12wt to start
stitching away. I have 6 strand embroidery thread 
and perle cotton #8 but I wanted a thiner thread 
that I didn't have to divide.
Hopefully it will get here soon because if I want to finish the quilt
by April I have to complete 3 blocks (pieced and embroidered)
per month from January to March and use April to 
put together the quilt and finish it.

Notes: (Hand embroidery patterns kindly shared by Flickr members:
shawnlorette and chez60. I edited them to my needs.)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome To My New Spot! ( For New Post Scroll Down)

Welcome to Bits of Stitching!
(this entry is postdated until 01/30/2012)
Hope you found your way ;-)!
My previous handicrafts blog was My 1st Bambina!
Now Bits of Stitching! is my new spot for sharing/posting
about any of my, new and old, crafty endevors.
Life surprises us when we least expected and to
embrace that I decided to start a blog from scratch.
My 1st Bambina! will still be there serving its
own purpose.
Why the name Bits of Stitching!?
Well.... if you knew me from my previous blog,
you may have noticed that even though I love
to handicraft and everything that comes with it...lol,
(supplies, pattern, books, etc.) the truth is that
I'm not able to complete much of what I start.
My time is very limited and I'm expecting it to stay
 that way for years to come. 
However I do like to squeeze some stitching 
a bit here and a bit there so
Bits of Stitching!
seems to be a perfect description of how I move along
with my handicrafts. ;-)
For now, some of my posts will be familiar to some of you,
(need to include some good "old" stuff).
I'm also going to try to keep personal posts
to a minimum.
I've postdated this entry just to make others aware of my change.
Meanwhile I keep fixing up my new "home",
I hope you find me here!
See you around! ;-)

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