Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cheering Oneself Up A Bit

When you are not feeling so well and can't get around much,
do you try to cheer yourself up a bit?
This is one of the ways I cheer myself up a bit...
... purchasing cute embroidery patterns :-).
Let me show you my latest additions to my embroidery
pdf pattern stash/collection.
In no specific order:
1st picture above... La Patisserie embroidery pattern
by Big B. You can read about it on her blog
or in her shop. This is a deliciously cute pattern ;-)!
(ps= she also have some other deliciously cute ones...
like the Cupcake one -which I own, and the Cake one.)
2nd above... Little Owls bird mini embroidery pattern
by Wild Olive. You can read about it (scroll down a bit once there)
on her blog or in her shop
Don't you think these are the cutest baby owls ever?
3rd above... Set of 4 Bird and Tree series 2 embroidery patterns
by littledeer. You could read about this set 2
 on her blog or in her shop. There is series 1 but for some
 reason I was drawn mainly to series 2.
Very cute and whimsy!

Today is rainy outside and I'm in a foggy state.
I have other things (wip's progress) to show you but no pictures yet.

Reading a sweet notecard- thanks ;-)!- from a friend cheered me up too!
Made some mild chicken soup... that's something else
that cheers me up a bit. Hopefully I will be able to make it 
to an evening meeting with my family... that would cheer me up.
I'm curious... if you are one to cheer yourself up,
how/what do you do?


  1. Cute patterns! I saved my Cross stitching patterns when we moved so that I can do them during our transition, since i had to pack all my sewing stuff in storage. You inspired me to get back into stitching...hugs!
    Hope you're doing well.
    Arlene MCB

    1. Hi A.! Cross stitching projects are very portable and practical in a situation like yours, have fun with them!

  2. Hi There, I just surfed in to your blog today for the first time, I'm your newest follwer too :) Buying patterns is a great way to cheer one's self up! I love all three of these artists and have some of their patters as well. Can't wait to see how some of them turn out, cheers!

    1. Welcome! One can never have to many patterns ...(well, literally not true ;-)).

  3. Lovely pattern choices - the Little Dear set is on my wishlist. :)

    Hope you're feeling a bit better, it is hard to cheer yourself up - I find reading and going outside in whatever sun there is helps a bit.

  4. Cute patterns! I would definitely feel more cheerful working on any of those.

    To cheer myself up I usually watch something funny. The Dick van Dyke Show will do it, or Andy Griffith. I love the old shows.

  5. Adorable picks!! Hope you are ok:)

  6. Cute patterns! I love a good comedy.I hope you feel better soon.

  7. for me, when I need cheering up, I usually take our dog, Benjamin, out on a long walk by myself. By the time I get back home, I almost always feel much better. sometimes cooking or baking calms me as well.

    in warm, sunny weather, I also do enjoy reading outside, or watching Benjamin hang out outside, or looking at birds in the trees.

  8. Thanks y'all for sharing your ways of cheering up!
    Haven't tried funny movies. An outing to catch fresh air
    and sun light is a good one. Baking...yes, it does help too!


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