Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hand Embroidered Vintage Tablecloth

I found this hand embroidered tablecloth set (yes it came with the napkins!) at a 
community yard sale at one of the local library's parking lot in May 2009.
Since then I haven't gotten such a deal in vintage linens.
I posted about this great find on my "old" blog ... 
anyone remember how much I payed for it???
One of the pictures in this collage has the tag... are you able to read it?
Ok.. I will tell you ....
I found this treasure for the amazing prize of $4.00!!!!!!
Can you believe it!!!????!!!!
I still can't ... :-). I didn't even bargain for it, wouldn't dare to.
These pictures in the collage were the ones I took that very day
when I found it... couldn't wait to iron it to take pictures :-).
 These two pictures are from the back of some of the embroidered
motives... that's what I call tidy stitching!
The embroiderer put sooo much care on this piece... she/he 
even used different embroidery techniques.
For example the bow below is embroidered in shadow work.
 He/She also used simple pulled thread work as the
picture below shows.
I've used it once. I don't want it to get permanently soiled since
I found it in excellent condition.

Which great finds have you stumble upon?

PS (This upcoming weekend I plan to be busy stitching away on 
my WIP's. I'll "see" you with some progress pictures next week!
Enjoy the rest of the week and have a great weekend!)


  1. agreed, $4 is priceless for such a pretty piece of vintage tablecloth and coordinating napkins! you mention you've only used it once, what was the occassion for?

    i look forward to seeing some new stitchy WIP pictures from you, you have so many great stitchy projects going on right now! i'm practically done with my pants :) i just need hubby to help me adjust the bottom of the pants for hemming. and i'm making good progress on my 'wild and wacky' february stitch-along piece.

    1. One day I was feeling all dainty and dressed the breakfast table with it... just for the pure pleasure of seen something pretty.
      Your pants turned out great!

  2. Hi Monika - That is SO beautiful...so much work in that stitching. This is such a keepsake. I can't believe you only paid $4 and the napkins too?! What a happy bargain. I'm looking forward to your wip pictures too!

  3. What a super bargain! You're one lucky lady. What a shame that someone considered it only worth $4. The pricing person must have never embroidered before. Otherwise, they'd never price it so low!

    It's where it should be now - with someone who appreciates it.

    1. I think the same... was so surprised to see the price tag!

  4. Ohhh this is one of my loves too. I too have bought a couple of handembroidered tablecloths in charityshops - although none of them so elaborate and beautiful as the one you show here - it is really beautiful.
    I use mine quite often - both in summer in the garden and in winter, when everything is cold and dark outside.
    It's so nice to set a morningtable with a lit candle on such a nice cloth when it is dark and cold outside - nice way to start a day:)


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