Monday, March 26, 2012


I have to extend my blog break a bit more than anticipated. 
There hasn't been much going on in the handicrafts department,
 however in other areas a lot is going on right now. 
Many good things are happening and the best is to come... hopefully soon!
I will be able to resume my crafty posts, just not quite sure when.
Hope y'all are doing fine and enjoying Spring despite all the pollen :-)!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Bit More Cheering and A Short Break

A Bit More Cheering
Yes, indeed... I needed some more self-cheering!
If you read this previous post you know what I'm talking about ;-).
I happened to stumbled upon this beauty and glad I did!
It is pre-printed in linen and comes with the paper pattern as well.
It is called Flower Boxes by Rebecca Sower.
You can read about it on her blog or in her store.
I also stumbled upon this cutie below!
It is called Girl in a Red Dress by Tamar Nahir,
an international designer and for that reason 
the pattern may take 24 hours for email delivery.
You can read about it in her shop.
This other designer you may already know.
I own a few of her patterns already and have some
on my wishlist, specifically some of the crewel designs.
Her designs are beautiful and achievable even beginners!
I will be getting this one next, it is called Bee's World by Emily (aka: flossbox)
She is an international designer.
You can read about all her crewel projects on her blog.
She has her patterns available in her stores:
I've used her personal store website with no problems and
the patterns are available for download right after purchase.

Please remember that I'm not affiliated with the designers.
I'm just sharing in case, those of you who didn't know
but also have a passion
for needlework, would like find more about them.

A Short Break
These days are not easy for me, nothing life threatening
just challenging physically. 
 I'm taking a blog break for a few days
... perhaps I'll be back to posting sometime
after the official arrival of Spring.
 This cheers me up too! :-)
Even if it means the beginning of allergies and staying far away from bugs.
Until next time!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Letting Go

Going through my stash of embroidery blanks I found 
a few unfinished projects that I started 3 or 4 years ago :-o.
 A grocery tote bag and 3 flour sack kitchen towels. One of them 
I didn't even get to start, it's only stamped with the iron on embroidery pattern.
I'm not going to finish these so I was inspecting them to see
what to do with them, take them to the thrift shop or 
trash them. 
What would you do?
I was so surprised (in a bad way) to see what
happened to 2 of the towels... see for yourself.
They are stained with ugly yellow/orangy nasty stains.... ack!
How in the world that happened!!!????!!!!!
I'm going to throw them in the washer and see what happens.
The towel on the left is a design that I may still embroider
-in the future- because since the 1st moment I saw it here I fell in love with it.
I even like the colors she used ... it is perfect!
It is a free pattern from Pattern Bee and it is on the Vintage Variety
category 3rd page bottom right corner.

So, what do you do with your UnFinished Objects?
Finish them, Give them away or Trash them?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quilt Project Progress Block #6

Finally finished embroidering this little guy!
Last month I was only able to stitch 2 out of the 3 blocks I was
supposed to have done, now I'm all caught up with
February's blocks and soon will be working on
piecing and stitching the last 3 blocks of
my Stitchy Quilt Project for March.
Hopefully I will be fast enough to start working on 
sewing the blocks together and finishing the quilt.
I feel I'm running out of time!
So I'm in need of suggestions on how to put this blocks
together in a very simple and quick way in order to finish
this quilt on time,
remember this is my very 1st quilt ever!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Nesting Place Progress Peek

Just a quick post to give you a peek!
Noticed that the branches are filled in and the oval border
is almost finished... just need to whip it with the same
thread I used for the chain stitches in order to be done
with lesson #2. 
Since today I don't have to cook (thanks to lots of leftovers).
I already took care of some household chores (yes, I 
get up really early). Even though my body is still achey, thankfully
my mind is fog free ;-).  I don't have to go to work today ;-D so
I should be able to finish it and start on lesson #3, which
reminds me that I need to go and check in the classroom to receive 
lesson #4 which was to be posted today!
Hope you are all having a good Monday!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lilipopo Flower Picker Girl and #1 Dancing Princess SAL

I'm very happy with how these two patterns turned out!
Had lots of fun choosing colors and stitches as I embroidered away. 
Here is Flower Picker Girl!
 Her hair was the part that took the longest.
I wanted her to look a bit like my dd.
 It was hard to decide which colors to use for the flowers...
but I finally decided on this magenta... [I'm not great
with color names so feel free to correct me... ;-) .]
Love her red shoes!
Maybe I should keep her on my needlework station area so I can 
smile every time I look at her ... unless dd claims it, we'll see.
  Below I present you Dancing Princess #1 of Lilipopo's
stitch along.  I wanted her to look like royalty ;-),
that's why I decided on this particular fabric for her dress.
Princesses needs lots of sparkle! Ask dd and she would totally agree ;-).
Sparkly veil, dress and shoes... she is definitely ready to dance
the night away! I hope she behaves!
Just for fun below is a picture of princess #1 in progress.
I'm looking forward to meet and stitch princess #2!
I wonder if she is going to be all fancy and blingy like
her sister here or, would she be more on the conservative side?
Hmmm... I guess I'll have to wait and see!

On another note... I almost caught up with my online class!!!
Will share that with you later.
However I'm behind on one Quilt Project block from the 
month of February. 
I will take it with me to stitch while waiting on the
 carpool and see if I can get it done today.
Hand Embroidery is great therapy!!!

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