Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Bit More Cheering and A Short Break

A Bit More Cheering
Yes, indeed... I needed some more self-cheering!
If you read this previous post you know what I'm talking about ;-).
I happened to stumbled upon this beauty and glad I did!
It is pre-printed in linen and comes with the paper pattern as well.
It is called Flower Boxes by Rebecca Sower.
You can read about it on her blog or in her store.
I also stumbled upon this cutie below!
It is called Girl in a Red Dress by Tamar Nahir,
an international designer and for that reason 
the pattern may take 24 hours for email delivery.
You can read about it in her shop.
This other designer you may already know.
I own a few of her patterns already and have some
on my wishlist, specifically some of the crewel designs.
Her designs are beautiful and achievable even beginners!
I will be getting this one next, it is called Bee's World by Emily (aka: flossbox)
She is an international designer.
You can read about all her crewel projects on her blog.
She has her patterns available in her stores:
I've used her personal store website with no problems and
the patterns are available for download right after purchase.

Please remember that I'm not affiliated with the designers.
I'm just sharing in case, those of you who didn't know
but also have a passion
for needlework, would like find more about them.

A Short Break
These days are not easy for me, nothing life threatening
just challenging physically. 
 I'm taking a blog break for a few days
... perhaps I'll be back to posting sometime
after the official arrival of Spring.
 This cheers me up too! :-)
Even if it means the beginning of allergies and staying far away from bugs.
Until next time!


  1. I can smell those flowers from here--what are they? Camillas?

    Hope you are taking it easy:)

  2. Lovely! The bee pattern is my favourite but they are all very cute

  3. We are seeing signs of Spring here and I love it. But like you, I'm not looking forward to the allergy attacks. Enjoy your break! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Los patrones de bordado que eliges son siempre tan lindos!!! Me encantan todos, pero sobre todo el de la niña que flota cogida a la flor, es tan tierno! :-)

  5. Thanks to all for the nice comments!
    Sara... sorry but I'm not really good with flower names.


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