Friday, March 9, 2012

Letting Go

Going through my stash of embroidery blanks I found 
a few unfinished projects that I started 3 or 4 years ago :-o.
 A grocery tote bag and 3 flour sack kitchen towels. One of them 
I didn't even get to start, it's only stamped with the iron on embroidery pattern.
I'm not going to finish these so I was inspecting them to see
what to do with them, take them to the thrift shop or 
trash them. 
What would you do?
I was so surprised (in a bad way) to see what
happened to 2 of the towels... see for yourself.
They are stained with ugly yellow/orangy nasty stains.... ack!
How in the world that happened!!!????!!!!!
I'm going to throw them in the washer and see what happens.
The towel on the left is a design that I may still embroider
-in the future- because since the 1st moment I saw it here I fell in love with it.
I even like the colors she used ... it is perfect!
It is a free pattern from Pattern Bee and it is on the Vintage Variety
category 3rd page bottom right corner.

So, what do you do with your UnFinished Objects?
Finish them, Give them away or Trash them?


  1. AAAAARRRRRGHHH!!! I *hate* those stains! They appear on light coloured things that have been stored away for a while and do NOT come out for love nor money. I have NO idea what they are (apart from a complete pain!), and would love to know as then I might be able to shift them too!

    Anyway, what do I with UFOs? I don't collect them so I can't say!! I have one part-worked thingy that I ought to complete or ditch, but I can't bring myself to throw out something I've worked on. At worst, I pull out the stitching so far and keep the fabric for future use.

  2. How about donating them to a nursing home where there are ladies that enjoy embroidery stitching?


    Keep them and incorporate them into a quilt.

  3. How frustrating! The pattern with the birds is so beautiful - maybe you could still finish stitching it and then cut around the fabric area that is stained? You could use the stitched part somewhere else.

  4. Thanks for your thoughts, ideas and sympathetic comments!

  5. Such a bummer about the stains :( I hope they come out in the wash.

    As for UFOs, I only work on one embroidery and one sewing project at a time so I don't have any UFOs at all! I wish I could be more wild with my creativity and have multiple projects going on at once, but it's too overwhelming for me, and I guess just not part of my personality so I just prefer to focus on one at a time.

  6. I collect old un-finished embroideries when I come across them at yard sales and thrift shops. I finish some but most are just to look at. 8-) I have finished some and have them hanging in the laundry room or made into sewing machine covers. I use the dresser cloths in all the bedrooms.

    As far as the brown spots are concerned - did you use old fabric? If it was old fabric the spots may be old stains that reappear over time. If the fabric came into contact with wood (dresser or storage chest) or old cardboard, that can cause spots too. You can soak the towels in "BIZ" or an enzyme product to remove the spots but the stamped/drawn design may disappear too! Either work the remainder of the design or realize you may not be able to see it after laundering. BIZ will not harm the floss colors. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks so much for the advice! Bought the BIZ and it worked!!! However I did have to leave the towels soaking in BIZ for 48 hours... but it worked!!!

  7. I'm working on a UFO circa 2008 right now! I am always putting things aside half finished to start something new, there is a height chart in my drawer that I started whilst pregnant with my first son for his room - he turns three in few months! Maybe I should finish it for his little brothers room instead.
    I like those designs though, were they vintage transfers? Maybe you will come back to them one day ...


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