Monday, May 28, 2012

A Brief Recap.

Couple of months ago I placed a commission order with Kate -aka: Lilipopo,
(love her drawings & embroidery patterns!), and I was so happy to see how she was able to interpret my family into a drawn portrait... Love it!!!
She did such an lovely job!!!
Yes, our family grew!
Thanks for all the nice comments on previous post!
Since the end of summer last year, some of you had the feeling that something was going on with me... I even received emails expressing concern. Thanks for caring!
After my baby shower I posted a picture of all the wrapping tissue I
was discarding as a little hint ;-).
I try to keep my personal life separate from this handicrafts blog, that's is why I didn't give many details. I do want to mention that for now things will be moving in slow motion in this blog.
Before baby my schedule was kind of tight,... imagine now!
I will still try to squeeze time here and there for some stitching :-)!
In the meantime I leave you with some handmade goodies made 
with love for my newborn.
These lovelies above were made by bookwormbethie...
aren't they cute or what?!!?
2 very cute handy dandy pacifier clips, a soft toy 
(which I wanted to keep for myself and dd wanted it for 
B. used this free pattern by designer Helen Dardik) 
and a super cute very well made bib.
I already told B. that I may only use the bib as a drool bib ;-)... don't
want to stain it with carrots or peas puree.
B. sent a couple of story books and some crafting supplies
for me to try my hand at making cute baby items and some
stickers for Odd (Oldest dear daughter).
Thanks again B.!
On the day of the baby shower I received from one of the 
hostess a hand made baby quilt made by her.
She even try her hand at hand embroidering my baby's name on 
the white block from the second row of the quilt, which I 
edited out in order to post the picture here ;-).
It is a lovely quilt, the fabrics have different textures good for 
baby to explore!
I finish embroidering the blocks for the quilt I'm making...
it is a tummy time quilt. Hopefully I will be able to
put it together soon... you know before baby learn how to walk! ;-)
Have to go now, take care y'all!
Until next time!


  1. Well, that hint got way past me! Congrats again on your new sweetie!

  2. love your artsy new family portrait!

  3. Love the gifts you've been given. They're lovely. And grats again on the new acquisition!!!

  4. Love your Lilipopo family pic, and the goodies from Bethie and the baby quilt are simply adorable!!

    Congrats again on the addition to your family =). Wishing you all good health.


  5. Oh I love the portrait! adorable baby goodies, the quilt is lovely.


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