Sunday, June 24, 2012


A sudden desire for cookies followed by the realization that all ingredients were at hand...
the rest is history!
Made only half of the recipe with some minor modifications.
I used a trail mix of nuts and cranberries with a sprinkle of raisins
and a small amount of tiny chocolate morsels.
My brown sugar was useless so I omitted it and substituted the egg
(since I made only half recipe) with 1 tbsp flaxseed meal mixed with
3 tbsp warm water.
Since I didn't use the brown sugar the cookies were crispier but
I didn't mind at all since I was craving sweet and crispy :-).
These above I flattened a bit with a spoon half way baking time thinking
that it was needed. The ones below I let them be and ended up with 
a nice natural rustic aesthetic which I liked much better.
For odd, we improvised some mini allergen free s'mores.
She enjoyed putting them together and even more eating them!
(Yes... that cookie sheet has served me well, I think it is time
to replace it and I believe you totally agree with me!)
Baby let mommy have some fun in the kitchen and
 slept through the whole process :-).
Notes:  I made half of the recipe with substitutions and modifications.
The recipe is the one underneath Quaker's Oatmeal lid and it can 
also be found here.


  1. mmmmm, se ven deliciosas!!


  2. Your cookies look delicious and now I'm craving some home made ones. :)

  3. These cookies look so good -I love the addition of cranberries -yum! - and the s'mores are so cute!

  4. Thanks ladies, they were really good :-)!
    I think I will b making another batch in a couple of weeks.


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