Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Outing

Today I took advantage of the nicer weather, me feeling good and took the girls (and myself) for an outing.

We walked the outside area of the mall, stopped for a bit at the book store, met some friends for lunch and on our way back did a quick errand.

Even though I was badly tempted
with these pictured crafty goodies I was good and passed on them....
how-e-verrrrr, I can't get that Tilda one out of my head. I'm just curious about it since the format is different, hmmm, we'll see.

Maybe I just give in only this time (specially since is $$$) on the Tilda one to check it out and see for myself what's all about ;-).
Ooohhh, what will you do?
PS #1 (I'm hoping to catch up with your blogs by next weekend... thanks for stopping by!)
PS #2 (still without pc but found some applications that make posting from phone easier)


  1. Yay for nice weather, feeling good, and outings!!

    What I do when I'm feeling pulled to buy a crafting book or mag (assuming the mag isn't wrapped in plastic) is sit down at the bookstore and flip through it page by page. If there's at least one project I'm truly interested in, then I'll fork over the money and make the purchase. That doesn't mean I'll actually MAKE the project(s);-), but at least I'm not purchasing a book or mag only to discover there's really nothing in it I want to make.


    1. Totally agree G.! This particular one comes sealed in a pretty envelope, thankfully I googled it and some other bloggers have pictures of the projects on their blogs and even though there are pretty projects I know I may not make any of them.
      I'm glad I didn't give in :-)!


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