Sunday, July 8, 2012

She Is Done!

Yes, Dancing Princess #2 it's all done!
When tracing her I made a few mistakes. It was with a permanent pen so it shows a bit but since she will be going dancing at night it won't matter that much.
She is ready to join her sister on the dance floor :-)!
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  1. Oh both little princesses are gorgeous, lovely embellishments!

  2. I love her french-knot hair. They are both adorable!

  3. both are absolutely exquisite, the fabric and special thread embellishments make these a work of art, well done!

  4. oh isn't she lovely! I've yet to get round to stitching these!

  5. These are beautiful! Gorgeous work - are you going to frame these?

  6. Estan muy bonitas tus princesas!!

    Qué técnica usaste??? sus vestidos están preciosos!


    1. Gracias! Los vestidos estan en "aplicado" (appliqué).


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