Monday, August 6, 2012

Betsy's Closet In Stitches SAL

Though I mentioned that may not be able to blog until the end of the month I'm too excited and despite being already tucked in for the night
I needed to share:
Betsy's Closet In Stitches SAL
(link above to SAL blog)

(picture above links to designer blog post)
I must first finish the tummy time quilt for my wee one and then start this one... it is for oldest dd, for being such a great big sister.
It will be a surprise!
I'm still waiting for my pattern to arrive but already have my fabrics and threads ready :-D, all from my stash.

At first I was thinking in using Cosmo floss but then when I saw that Jenny was using her Finca perle cotton #16
I remembered that I had some on my stash in #8, only that the green I have doesn't go very well with my fabrics so may need to get a better match.

I'm very excited about this quilt! It is small and so cute! I'm thinking that by the end of this month or by September I should be able to start working on it.
Are you working on an exciting project at the moment?
Ok time to close my eyes and catch
some ZzzZzZzzz's.
PS (I'm slowly starting to work on this as well.)

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