Monday, October 29, 2012

Mildly Distracted

We are feeling a little bit of the "Perfect Storm Sandy" here.
My girls are napping and I have a few minutes to spare so I'm 
stopping by to post about my latest distraction.
I've seen it on blogland and even more so in the past few months.
Punch Needle embroidery... or is it Needle Punch?
Growing up I remember my mom embroidering using this technique.
I even remember what she made ... burp clothes for my 1st niece who is now
in her 20's! I also remember her explaining me a bit about it, she said
the proper name is Russian embroidery but she called it Pretty Punch.
She even combed the loops on the mane of the cute horse she embroidered to make 
it look like a real mane. Ahhhh, sweet memories!!!
Anyhow... over a week ago, I happened to find myself with some great 60% off coupons
and got the goodies in the picture above :-).
2 of the new DMC Color Variations, the Amazon collection and the 
Blue Lagoon collection plus a punch needle from Clover... they called 
theirs Embroidery Stitching Tool.
Came home and tackled a cute small pattern (that I modified a bit) from
Big B's Sewing Room pattern packet. I used my regular DMC floss
and did a bit of stitching. It was fun and not that hard, but I most admit
that watching some online tutorials helped me understand how it works.
I haven't finish embroidering... or should I say punching? 
But I look forward to it when next time I have few minutes to spare.
Since the memory of my mom embroidering using this technique is so clear
in my mind and one that I treasure, I did some googling and was able to 
find the same needle my mom use to have :-). So I order me a set
and also a book that averagejanecrafter recommended me on Instagram.
I'm not able to play with my goodies... not quite yet, not for the length
of time that I will like to anyways. Oh well, hopefully soon!
Now I really must go... baby is awake and needs to eat!

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