Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Wow, it's been a while, ha?
Things are pretty busy in this side of the woods.
My family and I are working toward certain goals and
my stitching time is very limited.
For that very reason I'm also having to detash from certain crafting items:
patterns, books, supplies, etc. Items that I'm sure will 
find use on someone else's creative hands ;-).
I already listed the first item with more to come (gradually) over the next 
few weeks.

Here is a direct link in case you like to take a peek ;-).
Don't worry I don't plan to spam you with constant posts on what is listed
in my shop. The link to my shop is on this blog's sidebar, very easy
to spot so there won't be a need for spamming ;-).

However, I do plan to share progress on certain projects I've been working on and off perhaps
before the end of the month. For now let me give you a tiny peek!

 I also need to catch up with correspondence and/or email replies
 with some of you!!! Including my own siblings... yikes!!!
Please forgive me, things have been that hectic around here... I'll spare you the details!

I'm sure y'all are keeping busy as well :-)!
Until next time!

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