Monday, November 18, 2013

Aunt Martha's Transfers and My Dear Mom

The other day I was rearranging my collection of embroidery transfer patterns into a bigger home/basket and guess who inherited the smaller one ;-)...

...yes, my 2nd grader! She is already starting her own collection.
In fact she wanted me to take pictures of it and share them with you, which I gladly did and will share with you next time ;-).

You can tell I'm on an Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers kick ... lol.
They have always remind me of my mom, lately even more so.
She did hand embroidery for awhile... I must have
been 4 years old. If I'm not mistaken, mom's hand embroidery
years lasted probably until I was 10 y. old, more or less.
 Fond memories of her stitching and me sitting by her
trying to learn. I grew up and didn't pursue it until shortly before 
becoming a mom. Mom use to buy only Aunt Martha's, or at least I think so since I only remember the yellow envelopes. 
She also used to draw her own small simple patterns.
I have some plans brewing for a large but simple quilt with no specific deadline.
Maybe I'll share more on my next post.


  1. I loved your stitching, I am from Australia and don't think we can find Aunt Martha's

    1. Thanks so much for the compliments! I believe the company that sells these Aunt Martha's ships internationally, just in case you will like to check them out.


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