Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dd's Earth Embroidery Project

After 2:00AM and I am still awake thanks to a terrible chest pain caused by wicked acid reflux mixed with the feeling that I've swallowed an inflated balloon :-(. 
To cheer things up a bit let me share my oldest's latest embroidery project!
About three weeks ago my oldest dd was learning about the Solar System.
In addition to the various activities in her curriculum, she also asked to embroider a planet... her favorite, Earth!

A while back I added this embroidery pattern (by Wild Olive) to my stash, dd used it to trace planet Earth into a piece of a Sticky Fabri Solvy and pasted it onto a black t-shirt. This was her very first time stitching on this type of material and she got a bit discouraged. I promised to give her some pointers, but since we have been so busy lately we have not had a chance to go over them. Perhaps this coming week!

Hopefully she will endure and finish embroidering Earth!
PS: Mollie has a freebie of another version of only planet Earth on her blog. Just in case your favorite planet it's also Earth ;-)!


  1. This is so cute! I love that she wanted to add embroidery to her school work. You'll have to post the finished project!!

    1. Thanks, Joy! I hope she gets motivated to finish it, when she does I'll for sure post an update on it ;-).


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