Friday, March 21, 2014


Thankfully I was able to finish the 1st block for my mom's quilt. As I previously mentioned, I am using Aunt Martha's no. 3813.

Do you think being tidy matters? I think my momma will approve of the back of this embroidered rose.

Now, which one will be next?


  1. Oh my! I thought this was the front of a block! I think you've mastered the art of being tidy with your work. I haven't accomplished it yet :) Yes, Momma will approve!

  2. Your rose is beautiful.Your stitches are perfect.

  3. Your stitches and finished items are always beautiful. Would you mind telling me how many strands of floss ou use o make it so bold and lovely, please?

    1. Thanks! Cynthia, It depends on the size of the overall design and the individual elements/area I'm stitching. For this rose I used 2 to 3 strands. Sorry for the late reply, hope this helps a bit :-)!

  4. Such beautiful stitching and a lovely pattern. Your work is just stunning!

  5. Thanks, ladies! Thanks for all your sweet comments and compliments! ;-)


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