Friday, August 15, 2014

Heartache (Off Topic Post)

This post is not about needlecrafts. It's about how my heart is aching after reading UNC's Dr. W. Ficher's II descriptive emails on the terrible Ebola epidemic affecting and taking away the lives of entire families.     ... especially the emails from June 2nd onward.
We have dear ones in some of the affected areas, (all doing well so far) taking extreme measures to avoid getting sick. We are so thankful that they are fine but my heart is in pieces from knowing that many others (unborn babies, pregnant woman, children, mothers, fathers, entire families,) are not. 
We look forward to the time when this words at Revelation 21:3,4 will be fulfilled.
May you and your loved ones be well!
Until next time!
PS: Drawing above made by my oldest few months ago. Drawing description: my two daughters enjoying each other's company while admiring a beautiful starry night.


  1. The Ebola epidemic is certainly horrifying and tragic. Prayers lifted up for everyone in this situation. How sweet your daughter's drawing is! I have kept all of my children's drawings and love look back over them from time to time in scrapbooks. My children are all grown.

    1. Yes, I truly hope they are able to experience relieve soon. / Thanks for the compliments on my daughter's drawing :-), it's so hard to peek and choose which to keep.


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