Thursday, October 8, 2015

On The Go Projects At Home

Trying to keep up with family responsibilities, house chores, and everything else around here, while dealing with health issues can feel a bit up hill. Having projects ready to go could make things a bit easy,... or so I'm telling myself.
So I will be trying that even when I have to sit by my oldest homeschooler and see if project progress results from it. After all one more multi-tasking skill  ;-) added to a mother's multi-tasking abilities wouldn't hurt... right? And even when I'm feeling unwell if there's a few projects already ready to go, then it'll be easier to pick one up and take it to bed.
Since it's easier to keep up with my daily thoughts on instagram, that's is where I've been posting frequently. However, I do not have the intention of abandoning my blog ;-). I'll see you around! 
(While writing this post the pictures looked horribly blurry... no idea why.)


  1. I'm so sorry you have health issues to deal with. Your work is always so precise and tidy; I love the days when you do feel like sharing with us.


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