Monday, June 19, 2017

Fruits / Utility Towel no.3

Here are the humble beginnings or the 3rd utility towel ;-).
This pattern is a design part of a vintage transfer, Vogart 611.
I have an original copy in my collection, but this time didn't want to cut into it. Later I'll take a picture of the cover so you can see the other cute designs part of this transfer (storing my collection in my kid's room closet, have to dig it out).  Long story short, ended up buying a cleaned black & white PDF copy of it from an Etsy seller. 

I used Sticky Fabri-Solvy to print my design of choice, and paste it on a kitchen towel, as you see in the above picture. Picture below shows the back. Sometimes when you are press on time, or don't feel like tracing, this is a very nice alternative if you have an ink jet printer. Although you could also use this stabilizer to trace by hand, especially if it is a very small design.

It will also work very well for dark fabrics, which are hard to see through in order to trace. I try to squeeze a few patterns in one sheet of this printable and water soluble sticky stabilizer, so as to waste as little as possible. The package cost around $10.00 more or less (on Amazon where I get mine), the price fluctuates at times. Joann stores use to carry it, but now they only have the one that comes in a roll, you'll have to cut to size. I think they now carry a similar product, precut, that is also sticky, printable and water soluble. 
Picked my colors according to the suggestions shown in the front of the pattern envelope. The scan also comes with a color copy of the transfer cover for reference. Already started working on it! Hoping to be able to work on it a bit here and there through out this week. Little ones feeling much better, so we might be out and about a bit more. Perhaps in the evenings I could squeeze some stitching time.

May your week be beautiful and that all goes as you have planned!
Until next time!


  1. I have never heard of Sticky Fabri-Solvy before. Thanks for sharing this information. I occasionally do embroidery and think this is a great idea. I am new to following your blog. I enjoy seeing your projects.

    1. Welcome! Yes, I think it is very handy. If you do have an Ink-Jet printer (laser is not recommended with this particular product), being able to just print, paste, and stitch is an advantage. Since it needs completely rinse with warm water, it'll be preferable if your fabric was pre-washed to prevent puckering of stitches do to shrinking of fabric. After rinsing, I like to throw my projects in the washer too :-). Have fun stitching!

  2. Neither have I heard of this product. I guess I'll show my ignorance when I ask this question: do you stitch through the Sticky Fabric=Solvy, then wash it away? I have a lot of trouble getting my patterns traced onto my towels. This one has a lot of work, but you'll make it beautiful!

    1. Geniuses always formulate many questions, and search for answers till found ;-)!
      / Thanks! Yes, you do stitch through it, then wash it away with warm water. If you have access to an inkjet printer or copier (laser printer is not recommended), it is very easy to transfer whatever designs to towels, etc. / Also a heat transfer ink pen will work too, you will have to trace your design with the transfer ink pen, then iron onto your towel (tracing over the printed lines of the design will give you a mirror image when ironed, tracing from the back of your design will give you a transfer just as the printed image).

  3. Looks like a fun pattern to work on. Thanks for the education on the Solvy stuff, too!


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