A Bit About Me

I take delight in the little things that surround me and I give thanks to the Maker of all of them for letting me enjoy them! Living a life free of the entanglement of popular traditions and of most of the so called holidays -which origins are questionable. 

Here I will try to keep record of my crafty endevours, with freestyle hand embroidery taking the lead followed by other types of needlework here and there, in order to be able to see my progress and be motivated to complete what I start, which is not easy at times do to having a busy family life, various daily responsibilities and suffering from fibromyalgia. 

Do to my limited free time I'm not always able to keep up and/or reply to each comment and for this reason at times the comment feature will be disable. 
Thanks for your understanding and thanks for stopping by!!!


Hope you found your way ;-)!
My previous handicrafts blog was My 1st Bambina!
Now Bits of Stitching! is my new spot for sharing/posting
about any of my, new and old, crafty endevors.
Life surprises us when we least expected and to
embrace that I decided to start a blog from scratch.

Why the name Bits of Stitching!?
Well.... if you knew me from my previous blog,
you may have noticed that even though I love
to handicraft and everything that comes with it...lol,
(supplies, pattern, books, etc.) the truth is that
I'm not able to complete much of what I start.
My time is very limited and I'm expecting it to stay
 that way for years to come. 
However I do like to squeeze some stitching 
a bit here and a bit there so
Bits of Stitching!
seems to be a perfect description of how I move along
with my handicrafts. ;-)

For now, some of my posts will be familiar to some of you,
(need to include some good "old" stuff).
I'm also going to try to keep personal posts
to a minimum.

Meanwhile I keep fixing up my new "home",
I hope you find me here!

See you around! ;-)

(PS = Previously My 1st Bambina!)