Saturday, June 14, 2014

Breath of Spring

I love bringing to mine past embroidered projects and all the memories related to them! 
On my previous blog I had a post on this Breath of Spring project and thought this blog needed it too. This project was a pleasure to stitch! From the time entering an area quilt shop to choose my background fabric, the time spent tracing the design, choosing thread colors, learning to use crayons to add color/tint, learning to make English daisies and, every single stitch made for a few Fall days out on the screened deck in the beautiful crisp breeze and brightness of sunny days until it was completed... truly a delight!
I finish stitching this in Fall 2010. Can you believe I haven't frame it yet? Shame on me. I think an ornate frame in an aged looking white will work well... what do you think? Any suggestions? I'm all ears.
Love the dimension of all the elements and techniques used in this project! This pattern also comes with 2 other designs. Perhaps one of these days I'll start one of the other two.
But for now it will suffice calling to mind the excitement and satisfaction of working on a project without any other goal than that of fully enjoying the process. In turn it helps as a motivation.
Yes, motivation to keep stitching whenever I get a chance... oh and to complete what I start. Like that pillowcase wip for Mom. Better get going! Until next time.... have a great weekend!

Just for fun in-the-works pictures:

PS: I have a little step by step on the English daisies that I wrote awhile back and for some reason the colors of pictures are not true to life also some of the links may not be working to this date. You should be able to access the document from the Tutorial tab/page below this blog's heading.

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The pattern is Breath of Spring #259 by Crabapple Hill Studio.


  1. It's a beautiful piece of work! I love your use of crayons to fill in, and I've heard, if the color fades, the piece can always be colored again. I just may try this on the pillowcases I'm going to do.

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to taking a peek at your pillowcases!

  2. That's a lovely piece! It's amazing what a little fabric colouring will do, isn't it?=)

  3. This is a beautiful embroidery! I know what you mean about how some of our embroideries have a special memory and they just seem to come together perfectly. I love the way you did the English Daisies, they look so dimensional. Don't feel bad about not framing it yet, I have stacks of embroideries waiting to be made into something, they will get finished when the time is right!

    1. Thanks, the English daisies were fun to stitch! Oh, and thanks for the empathy :-)!

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  5. I am making my way through posts on Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread and had got as far as 27 October 2010. I tried the link in the article to your tutorial and was very disappointed to think that I had lost a link to you - then I read your comment. I am so glad and relieved to be able to follow you again.

    Helen Hicks


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