First Housewarming Tea Towel Done!

Impromptu tea towel project, yielded fast results ;-).
Here is my first housewarming tea towel for my new kitchen stitched by me (with a bit of help!).

The pattern used is an Aunt Martha's vintage one,
called "Dishes and Flowers"- no.3200.
It all started few days ago, when my younger child asked if she could stitched a towel for me (her older sibling is working on one).
I found this pattern which is very beginner friendly, and thought 
it was perfect for my little one to give it a go.

Today she asked if she could start her towel. After a bit of volunteer work from home, and a couple of house chores, I needed to put my feet up for a bit, but not before getting the pattern ironed on to the towel, and hooping it. She was very into it, for a few minutes. Then it was nap time, she asked if I could finish stitching the teapot while she napped, and she will do the flowers once nap time was over. I agreed.

Above she is making the first few stitches.
Needless to say... I ended up finishing it. Such an easy going pattern! By the time nap time was over, I was almost done :-). Little one was looking forward to playing with her sister, she didn't mind much that I did the flowers ;-).
Sidenote... kind of nice that even though this is a vintage pattern it still ironed nicely. It took a bit longer than the newer ones I have with black ink, but still gave a very nice transfer.

Haven't touch the actual kitchen towels I have ready to begin embroidering. This was a very easy design, which served as the motivation to keep stitching, knowing that I was going to see it finished today. Simple lines, a few colors. Now I want to stitch the other designs in this transfer! I've been trying not to think much on a recent Dr. visit... this project was a much needed therapy.

Very interesting, the red ink on this vintage pattern transfers very similar as the red transfer pencil sold by Colonial Patterns. 
Do you use your vintage patterns? Do you cut your vintage patterns? There was a time I used to be against cutting them, not anymore. Hand embroidery brings joy to me, mainly the stitching,... a bit less fun when trying to preserve a pattern intact. Don't get me wrong. I totally like collecting patterns, and keeping them in good condition, but do not mind any longer cutting into them.  Totally respect your opinion if you differ ;-).
Hoping to be back next week with more needlework updates!
Have a nice Sunday and week ahead!