A Housewarming Gift (Part 1/ Picture Heavy)

In my quest to have a year round supply of hand embroidered towels to display and to use on my new kitchen, the second towel is already hooped. However the ones I'm stitching will get use, so the search for decorative kitchen towels took place.

These towels are made by recycling and upcycling vintage hand embroidered linens.... they are so lovely! Showed my husband, and he gave me green light! Ordered 4 first to be able to see them up close, fell in love, 2nd order was place (arriving today). Since they are currently on sale (were 50% now 30% off), and the fact that the shop owner mentioned in one of our convos that this kind of towel might not be offered in the future, what is a girl to do than stock up on towels. 
Today I will post the four I received on the first order. Posting, not to show off a purchase, but to share the beautiful hand embroidery work of needleworkers of past generations! Also, if some of you were looking for a deal on towels then perhaps this source might prove helpful. Did you noticed the birdies beaks? She/He that stitched these birds payed attention to detail by outlining the beaks in dark thread and filling in with yellow, gorgeous effect!
These close ups let the details pop. Love me some hand embroidered eye candy! I find joy in studying the work of needleworkers of previous generations. Do you? In this Love towel, the lazy daisy stitches are gorgeous and so uniformed. The word Love was beautifully outlined in stem stitch and then lightly filled in with straight stitches in a complimenting shade. The french knots are tiny and well done. This needleworker was experienced, plus that simple crocheted lacy trim.... gorgeous! I will love to learn how to do delicate trims.
The Love towel also has a very small area worked on a different color thread,... she/he must have run out of green thread and "made do" with what she had on hand. Thrifty and resourceful indeed!
This orchid is lovely stitched as well! Love all the different shades used in the bloom, the neatly done stitches, and that dainty trim!
This towel is another example of lovely hand embroidery work! Do you see the centers of the brighter flowers... they are clustered with tiny french knots, so pretty! Plus the petals are all lazy daisy stitches, so many of them in varied lengths for a beautiful effect. I'm learning a lot from studying these vintage embroidered pieces.
Personally prefer to display towels with lovely hand work in my kitchen! It warms my heart, and makes the space cozier and homey... in my opinion.
They came beautiful packaged... so that is a plus, great for gifting.
Well, that's it for now. Later I'll show you the ones that are arriving today, and the ones I'll be stitching for use.
Hope you have a great week! Ours will be very busy.
Till later!

PS: Non-affiliated Link:
Two Girls Laughing... decorative towel shop on Etsy.