Anne of Green Gables and Chat

Surely you know Anne!
When I saw that Jackie drew this I wanted to stitch it right away. Jackie's blog is Via Joy, just in case you like to pay her a visit. She is a lady of many artsy/crafty talents ;-). Right now she has a freebie on her blog for a cute bunny coloring page, but it can totally be used as an embroidery pattern.

Of course with so much going on around here, it took me some time to finish Jackie's embroidery pattern of Anne.

A few progress photos just for the fun of it! I love seeing other needleworkers' progress pictures!
Below, she is finally all done!
Jackie has the pattern available on her Etsy shop.

Perhaps on my next post, I'll have at least one kitchen towel started. I'm in desperate need of 'fresh from the hoop' hand embroidered towels for my new kitchen. My time is very tight right now so I'm going to at least do one or two for now, and once we are completely moved keep working on more. There are so many cute vintage patterns out there... hard to choose! Leaning towards vintage designs of: fruits and veggies, flowers, market day DOW, baking day DOW, want to keep them kitchen related. Also have a couple of Sublime Stitching patterns I want to stitch on towels, Garden Variety and Little Blooms. Those two are ready for me to start on them, that is, if I can find the time.
Oh, on another note... I'm saying farewell to my Instagram account, and will be back to blogging when time aloud. We have a few family goals that we want to pursue. Prayers have been answered, now is the perfect time to go after those goals! Exciting times!!!
Hoping y'all have a great week ahead!