Gladiolus Update and...

Here is my finished gladiolus! Definitely in love with stitching flowers. Embroidered flowers have a very long lifespan ;-). Plus the only bugs around are cute and harmless... like that cute bee needleminder.

Was able to complete my personal volunteering time goal for this month! Very thankful and happy for it!
(Picture below just for eye candy.)

April started with getting ready for upcoming move. Guess what was the first two things I packed? Yes, all my fabrics and craft books... LOL. All my collection of books didn't make it, sadly, no space for all of them (at least not for some time). Donating many to local library, and listed some in my Etsy shop. The link is on the side bar just in case you fancy a peek ;-). 
These pictured above are the ones I've listed so far, with a few more to come soon. Three of the listings are already gone! So grateful for that!
Well, I'll try to pop in again soon to show you another completed embroidery. It's already posted on my Instagram just in case you rather see it sooner than later :-D ! Till later, enjoy the rest of the week!