Monday, November 17, 2014

Embroidered Pictures & Patchwork

I've been looking for this book for awhile, and finally was able to find it at a reasonable price from an Amazon seller from the UK.
It arrived in two weeks and was in better condition than stated in the listing, to my delight. Here are a few peeks of "Embroidered Pictures & Patchwork" by Priscilla M. Warner.
An embroidery sampler. To practice the various stitches that will be helpful to know in order to make the book's main project.
Here is the only picture in the book portraying the book's main project. It's a English Paper Pieced quilt, using scraps of fabric basted to hexagon shapes, with quite a few embroidered hexagons.
Do you see that subtitle under Patchwork, it reads: "Advantages Of Hoarding... ", LOL. I guess hoarding fabric has been around for many years ;-). This book is a 2nd edition from 1960, the 1st edition was published in 1950. So you see, hoarding fabric could be a good thing! 
The designs are really cute, perfect for making projects for little ones. There is another hard to find book by Priscilla M. Warner that I will love to add to my collection, it is entitled "Embroidery Mary". I haven't seen it available at this moment, and if it does come up it might cost an arm and a leg. Anyways, I'm glad I was able to find this one!
What hard to find item(s) do you like to collect?

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  1. nice. if im gg to start stitching, I will buy this too

  2. I don't collect much anymore but used to love to find old tablecloths and Homer Laughlin china pieces. Wonderful book! I have an embroidery/patchwork project coming up for winter work.

    1. Thanks! Nice collectibles! I'll be looking forward your upcoming project!

  3. I "found" Priscilla some years ago and just love her work. There are also three Dryad leaflets published - No136 Embroidered Dresses for Children, No139 Embroidery with Braid & Binding, and No141 Embroidery for the Nursery. THere may be more I haven't discovered yet. And don't give up on Embroidery Mary; after looking for it for what seemed like years I found it on ebay for a reasonable price - about £12 I think. You could also try AbeBooks website - though at the moment the only copy is priced £80!!!!! Did you know she also wrote and illustrated a few children's books. Biddy Christmas and Picture Come True come up now and then. It is obvious from the illustrations that Priscilla was a stitchy person as they could easily be turned into embroidery. Good luck with your search.

  4. I just bought Embroidery Mary from Abe books for around $50 USA. I started drooling over the beautiful work in the book . I have a huge collection of vintage Embroidery books . I also am quite fond of the Danish designer Lis Paludan and have all of her books.


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