Sunday, December 7, 2014

Spring Stitching Club Update

Briefly stopping by to post an update on my Spring Stitching Club project. 
I just finished stitching a few happy faces onto four mini embroidery designs (picture above), need to stitch three others, and then turned the seven of them into hexie flowers. Yesterday was not a good day, so after taking medication I went to bed with a heat pad on my back. Really needed to rest my back and legs, but wasn't sleepy. Out came out my Spring Stitching hexagon project that have been put away for awhile. I was able to complete sewing together my first five hexie flowers. It is easy to work on this while in bed. My motivation to keep working on this project has been rekindled! 

This particular project I'm hoping to turn into a quilt for my youngest. The Winter Stitching project which I posted previously about (on these posts), will be turn into a quilt for my oldest. I may change my mind and combine 2 seasons per quilt. Meaning I will still need to stitch the Autumn Stitching Club in order to make the quilts. I'll see!
Before I keep going with english paper piecing, I still need to focus on finishing my CQBC. Only 2 more tasks to complete the class! Then I'm going to be working on special projects for dear friends. Will try to find time here and there to keep working on these hexagon flower quilts, english paper piecing is very soothing... plus each flower that gets done makes me feel accomplished :-). 
Until next time!


  1. Sorry you were feeling bad, but glad you were able to work on your project. Sometimes doing something we enjoy helps take our mind off our troubles.


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