Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stash Additions: Embroidery Books

Few days ago, on this post, I mentioned that recently
there were a couple of books added to my stash.
The 1st one, on the picture above, is 
I have 3 other books and a DVD from her and I really admire
her work and really like her method of teaching.
To me this particular one (above) is a seminar/workshop on color
 in a book. Trish's has website here.
Mary from Needle N Thread wrote a
very nice review on it on her website in case you like to
know more. 
The 2nd book is the one below,
Very cute and simple embroidery, it is in French however
you don't really need to know French in order to trace and stitch
the patterns in it ;-). 
I happen to have in my stash one of her other books,
very cute as well but is mostly on applique for children.
Sylvie has a few blogs but I don't think they have
been updated recently.
Have you added any items to your stash recently?
Do tell! ;-)
PS: (no progress on any of my stitchy projects yet)


  1. I just found your blog from the embroidery flickr group. That top book looks dreamy! I will check out her blog too.

  2. I've added some sewing patterns to my stash lately but that's about it. The next time I'm near JoAnns I'll probably browse the apparel fabrics and see if anything catches my eye ;)


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