Little Girl Purse

Here is the other project I wanted to share with you.
A little girl's purse. 
I cut a long piece of natural canvas fabric for the outside, a cute
japanese fabric for the lining and a decorative strip from the same
lining fabric for the front of the purse.
I didn't take a picture of me sewing the decorative strip of fabric
to the front of the purse so please picture it in your mind ;-).
After sewing the strip of fabric in place, then I folded the bag 
right sides together and sew both sides of the bag.
Notice that I didn't boxed up the corners of the purse for 
this particular bag.
Getting the lining ready was next. I sewed a felt pocket to one side of 
the lining.
 Sewed both sides of the lining right sides together and...
 since the lining fabric was a lighter weight than the canvas I used
for the purse itself I decided to "box" the corners of the lining,
it just made me feel that it made it a bit stronger this way.
 Then it was time to add the lining to the bag. 
Folded over that raw seam and ...
sew around once more to give it a finished look.
Then from the same canvas fabric I cut a strip, with right sides facing
 folded longer sides together, sewed along the longer side and then
sewed to purse.... another step I know you are picturing in your mind
right now ;-) since I don't have an actual photo of it.
Dd loved it and used it until she got tall enough for a bigger purse.
(I made this little purse in 2008. However the very 1st purse I made
her was in 2007... simpler and with crooked