Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wherever You Are... Embroider!

My current handi-crafting is on stale mode :-/.
I'm looking at my previous projects to gain some motivation.
I started this project while on a vacation to the Caribbean.
Even though I brought along a few embroidery necessities, 
obviously it seems like they were not enough.
So a trip to a local handicrafts shop took place.
When back with my bounty I didn't waste time to start.
Found the perfect Aunt Martha's pattern and a few skeins of DMC
...among other things ;-).
In I went to our hotel's room bathroom to use the iron and ironing board
and was able to take it with me...
in one of our daily outings to start working on it.
Didn't get much done while at the beach, however on our way 
back home it was a different story.
I find plane trips sooo boring and most of the time I don't 
care for watching the in-flight movie(s).
Once home I put in the last few stitches.
There! A happy little piggy having fun floating at the beach!
I really enjoy hand embroidering wherever I am!
What about you?
PS (thanks to all your lovely comments on previous posts... will
try to catch up with them in a few days)


  1. I love your pig. I love to embroider anywhere too!

  2. Oh how cute! I didn't think you could embroider on a plane - do they let you take needles and scissors on board? Well, they must do I suppose!

  3. SewAmy... Thanks! I'm glad you too embroider anywhere... ;-)!

    Wendy... I'm not sure if the air travel regulations are the same for where you live. Here they have stipulations on how long/short the scissors have to be etc. However my travel embroidery scissors are safe for traveling. I have these 2 pairs the silver color ones are mine, for some reason they do a better job cutting thread than the stained ones (those I gave to my little one).

    1. Wendy... forgot to mention that... that here they do allow needles. What I do is that I take my crafting supplies in a separate small bag and when the time comes for the security check up I put that bag on a tray for them to inspect.


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