Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quilt Project Progress Block #6

Finally finished embroidering this little guy!
Last month I was only able to stitch 2 out of the 3 blocks I was
supposed to have done, now I'm all caught up with
February's blocks and soon will be working on
piecing and stitching the last 3 blocks of
my Stitchy Quilt Project for March.
Hopefully I will be fast enough to start working on 
sewing the blocks together and finishing the quilt.
I feel I'm running out of time!
So I'm in need of suggestions on how to put this blocks
together in a very simple and quick way in order to finish
this quilt on time,
remember this is my very 1st quilt ever!


  1. Are you thinking of sashing in between the rows going horizontally or vertically?

  2. Wow. You have tons of beautiful projects here. Your stitching is lovely! For you first quilt....I would set them together with some sashing. Easy, and keeping them a bit separate will highlight your gorgeous embroidery!

    1. You are right! That's the look I'm envisioning.

  3. agreed, some sashing will be quite nice. have you thought of how you are actually going to "quilt" it? i'm not sure what advice to give you on that, for my 1st quilt, i just had all squares so i stitched to the left and right (or on top and below) of all my seams.

    1. I may do a simple hand quilting or even tie it.

  4. Qué bonita te va a quedar! la mezcla del bordado y el patchwork siempre me gusta mucho!


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