Saturday, July 21, 2012

Last Minute Stitching

I was able to do some last minute stitching last night.
With so much going on around here I didn't think it was possible.
(The patterns I used are generously shared by flickr member mmaammbr.)

However where there is a will there is a way... right? (is that how it goes?
On the NEwVP group there was a summer contest going on and I wanted to support 
the contest by participating. I had great experiences on previous SAL's so
after putting the girls to bed for the night I quickly got to work.

The host really outdid herself in finding sponsors... so many goodies as prizes.
However as some of you already know my embroidery stash is 
kind of overflowing but as aforementioned I mainly entered just for fun and participation.
Judges will only be looking at the stitching perse not at how the item 
was finished -which worked out great for me who had a chance to enter
at the last minute.

I only wanted to use the cute birdies on them since they remind me
of my 2 precious daughters.
My oldest is constantly singing lullabies to her baby sister who loves it!
Thankfully baby girl fell asleep on her swing and I was able
to finish the birdies on time to enter the contest.

 It took me almost an hour to complete, the size definitely helped since
these cuties are small... that is a 3 inch hoop.
I had a great experience, the rules were simple to follow so
my picture along with the required information was uploaded
with no hassles. It is nice to browse the entries and read
why the participant chose the particular pattern/category, etc. .

My entry is here... it felt so good to be able to stitch for a bit!
Later on I may applique this onto a onesie or t-shirt for baby girl. 
Until next time... 
Stitch On!

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