Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring Stitching Club Preparations

Sign ups are already open for the Spring Stitching Club, I didn't waste a second and already signed up! It will be only $5.00 until March 2nd, once it starts on March 3rd it will go up to $8.00. Which it is still a great deal!

I've been getting ready for the Spring Stitching Club since I started working on the Winter one ;-). My fabric and embroidery thread / floss selections are from my stash. The fabric I got few months ago at Joann, I thought it was cute and not too pricey (love coupons) to keep practicing my EPP. Over the couple of days that we were snowed in, I washed, trimmed, and ironed all of it. Now it's ready for cutting.

The DMC embroidery thread was for another project that I will not be starting anytime soon, however I may choose to use the floss in my floss organizer already in bobbins... will see!

My schedule this week will be tight, but I must find time to keep working on the Winter Stitching Club so I do not fall behind. Then will be taking a blog break for a couple of weeks, during which I'm not sure if I be able to make much progress in any of my current projects. Once back I plan to be on the race again for a bit before I have to take another break. Spring is a very happy busy time in this household!

For those of you that will like to know more about the Spring Stitching Club here is a link to the early sign ups.
Great week to everyone!


  1. Sweet fabrics! So many cute prints and just perfect for spring.
    Hopefully spring weather will be here soon. :)


  2. These fabrics are lovely! Colours and patterns are really nice!
    I've just signed up in the Spring Stitching Club and have to look for mine, so exciting :)))


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