Friday, February 27, 2015


Ta da!!! Here are, practically, all my embroidery work in progress projects, ready for me to continue working on them!

Ikea utility carts have been around for quite awhile now. I've always wanted one, but not in the pretty aqua/blue most crafters have. Not because I don't like aqua, I actually love aqua... however it doesn't match with my needlework desk (yes, I'm the matchy matchy type of girl).
However, these carts went on sale recently... and I thought, well perhaps I could get the girls one each in order to keep certain things tidy and easy to move around, so went to the Ikea website and to my delight there were available in beige and gray as well... hooray! Ended up getting 4... LOL. One in grey for my husband's office, and 3 in beige for the girls and I. They were pretty easy to put together, did the four of them myself!

Now I have all my WIP's on one place, easy for me to see and noticed what needs to be completed. Plus can be rolled away out of sight, for when my schedule becomes too tight to have stitchy distractions. A good feeling of accomplishment to have organized all these in this handy cart. Perhaps now, finally, I'll be able to finish most of what I start! How are you keeping motivated to finish your WIP's? Do you need to keep them in sight, or do you work on them methodically?
Until next time!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Around the Fence, Completed!

I was able to finish stitching the doodle stitchery pattern I drew in 2011! 

This was in my "To Stitch" list but always was pushed behind other embroidery projects. Thanks to this month's stitch-along, hosted by Kristen, I finally got to it and completed it! 

Above is a mid-way progress shot, taken outside after winter storm Octavia dumped some wintery mix in this area a little over a week ago. Materials/Notions/Supplies used: Hardwicke Manor hoop (love these hoops), Sticky Fabri-Solvy (printed designed on it), Finca/Presencia perle cotton no.12 (for most of the pattern), and a little bit of DMC embroidery thread. 

This above was the stitching beginnings of it.
It was fun and it challenged me to stitch a little doodle that I've shared here on my blog for awhile now. 

On the upcoming post I'll share with you how I recently organized practically all of my hand embroidery projects along with my english paper piecing wip. I'm really excited about it! (If you have pop over my Instagram then perhaps you have already seen it.)
Until next time!

Monday, February 2, 2015

February Stitch-Along!!! Join Us!!!

Join Kristen and me stitching the embroidery doodles on the Freebies page on this blog during this month!
Did you know that February is National Embroidery month? 
Kristen (aka: bobbypinbandit) posted about it on her blog
You are more than welcome to download the freebies! Those who join on the #stitchthrough2015 stitch-along may enter a little giveaway that will be held at the end of the month... exciting!!!
Do you have any embroidery projects going on this month?
Would you be making room to Stitch Along this month with us?
Please add the blog/flickr/instagram/etc.  label or hashtag: stitchthrough2015 or  #stitchthrough2015 ,  accordingly.

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