Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hand Embroidered "Vintage" Towels

There is something special about hand embroidered towels... even more so if the look is vintage. These towels embroidered by myself (blogged about previously) fit the bill. 
Around my neck of the woods is practically impossible to find these kind of treasures. Not always I'm able to splurge on original vintage linens, so I'm glad when I have some time in my hands to sit and relax stitching a new towel with a vintage look. There are so many free vintage patterns online, but Colonial Patterns still prints and re-prints vintage original designs... which as you may already know, I love collecting (1st picture)! 
I'm looking forward to adding a few more towels to my kitchen's linens drawer soon! 
Non-affiliated links:
Aunt Martha's embroidery transfers at Colonial Patterns.


  1. Sooo pretty! But they're much too pretty to wipe dishes with. Your collection is certainly a treasure. I love to do embroidery work, but worry about how it looks on the back side. Could you post about how you finish off the back of your work?

    1. Thank you! ;-)
      I've a couple of older posts that show the back of two of my embroideries.
      Here are the links to both posts, it might help a bit:

  2. I live in area where I can get vintage towels but I still love making them. They make great gifts and everyone loves the vintage patterns. I'm really enjoying your blog! Happy Sewing! Mickie in Pennsylvania, USA :)

    1. Yes, totally agree! Thanks for stopping by!


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