Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hand Embroidered Quilt Project Progress

I'm working slowly on a small simple quilt that I
will like to have finished by April 2012.
It will be a 9 block quilt.
 I'm using a Hello Betty Retro jelly roll from my stash that
I intended to use for a 2011 BOM but didn't.
For the centers just a solid light cream fabric. Maybe is
bone-white(?). I also will be adding some raw edge center blocks
to some of the 9 blocks.
With only a simple doll quilt as previous experience,
this will be my very 1st quilt.
I'm taking my time choosing fabric for the borders
and perhaps you can get the feeling of how I go about
I'm not doing all the cutting 1st but I cut as I go. Yes, it  is slower
but I get a better feeling of how I want to combine fabric colors
and patterns this way. You more experience
quilters, please be kind, laugh but don't let me hear you! ;-) 
These super cute baby animal patterns will be
the fun part of this on-the-making quilt, they will
be hand embroidered on each of the block centers.
I didn't feel like tracing all those tiny lines forming the
body of each of the animal patterns
(if you click on the picture you will see what I'm talking about)
 so I printed the designs on sticky-fabri-solvy.
I'm only waiting for some cotton thread in 12wt to start
stitching away. I have 6 strand embroidery thread 
and perle cotton #8 but I wanted a thiner thread 
that I didn't have to divide.
Hopefully it will get here soon because if I want to finish the quilt
by April I have to complete 3 blocks (pieced and embroidered)
per month from January to March and use April to 
put together the quilt and finish it.

Notes: (Hand embroidery patterns kindly shared by Flickr members:
shawnlorette and chez60. I edited them to my needs.)


  1. This is such a terrific start. I think it's a great idea to piece as you go, esp since you have so many beautiful jellyroll strips to choose from!

    the duck in the middle is so cute, and so is the squirrel in the top left. are you stitching the animals all in the same color?

  2. Looks like you're off to a great start! I do love your fabric choice, I made a quilt out of the same last fall. I put mine with yellow, but all those adorable little animals will be so cute embroidered on the white. Can't wait to see it come together, keep us posted!

  3. Thanks ladies!
    bwb... yes I am!
    bc... will try to look for it on your Flickr!

  4. Wow, you are definitely on a roll... a jelly roll!

  5. Great on,I come here first time and very happy to found you and going to be your newest follower too ... they looks so lovely and I am waiting for the end result impatiently
    Hope you would like to visit me
    With love


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