Welcome To My New Spot!

Welcome to Bits of Stitching!
(this entry is postdated until 01/30/2012)
Hope you found your way ;-)!
 I renamed
the blog, that other blog name/web-address became available to someone else 
with whom I have no connections whatsoever.
Now Bits of Stitching! is my new spot for sharing/posting
about any of my, new and old, crafty endevors.
Life surprises us when we least expected and to
embrace that I decided to start a blog from scratch.
Why the name Bits of Stitching!?
Well.... if you knew me from my previous blog,
you may have noticed that even though I love
to handicraft and everything that comes with it...lol,
(supplies, pattern, books, etc.) the truth is that
I'm not able to complete much of what I start.
My time is very limited and I'm expecting it to stay
 that way for years to come. 
However I do like to squeeze some stitching 
a bit here and a bit there so
Bits of Stitching!
seems to be a perfect description of how I move along
with my handicrafts. ;-)