Friday, November 8, 2013

Dusting Un-Finished Projects

This project was started on October 2010.
It was the project of a two part class I took at a quilt shop that is no longer open for business.
I remember all the excitement and fun while selecting
the fabrics and the threads.
 On my old blog I did a post about this project and requested opinions
on which of these threads to use.
Then the stitching started, that is always my favorite part!
However like most of the times, I did get distracted here and there in this case
it was with the book pictured below.
My stitcheries were finally done and I needed to cut the excess fabric off. Six stitcheries
that will function as apron pockets.
Lovely autumnal light on that afternoon!
I was almost done with one of the two basket's aprons. 
This is my favorite stitchery! Want a closer look?
Ok, here you go ;-).
Then I decided not to machine stitch the pockets but to sew them by hand.
So I got a few more supplies for the task.
I started to blanket stitch the first pocket...
and that was as far as I got.
Just recently took it out of the ziplock bag I'm keeping this project in and was actually
able to finish sewing in place that 1st pocket.
I even started sewing the 2nd but then I had to stop and give attention
to the more important things in my life.
The picture below was one I took on my way to the class on that October of 2010. 
It was a lovely drive. Specially the scenery while driving over the lake.
It will be nice if I get a chance to finish it before next year.
Then I'll be able to say that it took me 3 years to finish instead of 4... (shame on me)!
Untile next time!


  1. Oh this is lovely! I'm glad you are working on it and finishing it. The colors are so pretty. I have some old things that could use some dusting off as well. Never enough time! Hope you are well.

    1. Thanks! We're fine, hoping the same with you! I'll really like to finish it...but as you mentioned: "Never enough time!". Then, also, when there is time I get distracted starting new projects (which is about to happen).

  2. I really like the way the blue looks.


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