Dusting Un-Finished Projects

This project was started on October 2010.
It was the project of a two part class I took at a quilt shop that is no longer open for business.
I remember all the excitement and fun while selecting
the fabrics and the threads.
 On my old blog I did a post about this project and requested opinions
on which of these threads to use.
Then the stitching started, that is always my favorite part!
However like most of the times, I did get distracted here and there in this case
it was with the book pictured below.
My stitcheries were finally done and I needed to cut the excess fabric off. Six stitcheries
that will function as apron pockets.
Lovely autumnal light on that afternoon!
I was almost done with one of the two basket's aprons. 
This is my favorite stitchery! Want a closer look?
Ok, here you go ;-).
Then I decided not to machine stitch the pockets but to sew them by hand.
So I got a few more supplies for the task.
I started to blanket stitch the first pocket...
and that was as far as I got.
Just recently took it out of the ziplock bag I'm keeping this project in and was actually
able to finish sewing in place that 1st pocket.
I even started sewing the 2nd but then I had to stop and give attention
to the more important things in my life.
The picture below was one I took on my way to the class on that October of 2010. 
It was a lovely drive. Specially the scenery while driving over the lake.
It will be nice if I get a chance to finish it before next year.
Then I'll be able to say that it took me 3 years to finish instead of 4... (shame on me)!
Untile next time!