Thursday, February 13, 2014

WIP's Updates...

I am quite happy with the progress on these two projects. When I was having to take it "easy" do to the recovery time, I advanced on the basting and piecing of hexie flowers for my Winter Stitching Club. I still have 3 other flowers ready for piecing and have to embroider the 11th pattern which was released this past Monday.

These cute patterns are so much fun to stitch! Each take about 30 minutes to stitch more or less, which it is awesome since I am able to keep up (or at times catch up) even with my busy schedule or when I am "under the weather". At the time the Autumn Stitching Club started my schedule was very cramped and I was not able to embroidered any of the patterns but I may try to start on it soon. I've already printed all the designs on to a sheet of Sticky Fabri-Solvy, they are just waiting to be stitched.

That super cute snowman and pair of mittens will be soon turn into hexie flowers ;-)! The Spring Stitching Club is coming up soon... so exciting! Today I did some preparations in expectation of it, more on that later.

To conclude, here is how my Laundry Hen is looking. Honestly, I have not work on it as much as I should have. My recovery time is over (although I still have to wait a couple more weeks for vacuuming and mopping) so not much time to stitch and even though we have been snowed in for two days I was not in the mood for stitching,... no kidding, plus I am having second thoughts on the patterns for my mom's quilt. Do not be surprised if next time you see a switch ;-).

Before I go, let me leave you with a small collage of our share from Winter Storm Pax. Thankfully, all is good!
Until next time!

Slow Stitching Sunday by Kathy at Kathy's Quilts
Winter Stitching Club by Wild Olive / Mollie Johanson
Laundry Hen by Colonial Patterns / Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers


  1. Your laundry hen is wonderful and the tiny stitcheries are so cute, love them. Keep well and stay warm!

  2. Still loving the laundry hen! and the idea of putting embroidered blocks with your hexies is a good one.

  3. I do love both of your embroidery projects.

  4. Very nice stitching. Love your hexie project also!

  5. Cute little chicken hanging out her wash, but those little motifs that go in your hexie project are just adorable! May I ask what kind of thread you are using, your stitches are wonderfully perfect.

    1. Thanks for the compliments, Carla! For these two projects I'm using DMC embroidery floss/thread. For the hexies I'm using 3 strands for the main design and 2 or 1 for the details. For the hen I'm using all 6 strands just as it comes... I normally don't use 6 strands but since I chose to iron on the transfers I want those lines well covered :-).

  6. Love the idea of putting those cute little embroidery in the hexie! Lovely stitches and hope you are on the upward mend of your recovery time.


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