Blocks For Mom

Starting this month I'll be working on a series of hand embroidered blocks with the aim of making a lap quilt for my mom (she's 5'.5" and weighs 145 lb). Hopefully this time I'll be able to accomplish it. My mom has Alzheimer's :-( and lives 1430.11 air travel miles from me. I've attempted to make a baby quilt and failed. Perhaps after embroidering all the blocks I should take them to an experienced quilter. My mom is only 65 years old, her illness was diagnosed in her early 50's and now is progressing fast.

I am thinking 9 inch blocks in a very simple arrangement. The truth is I have no idea how many blocks I will need for a simple lap quilt, not even sure if I'll be adding sashing and borders.
So I have a lot of homework. Any help in figuring this out will be greatly appreciated it!!!

All patterns will be from my collection of Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers.
I will be combining designs from various envelopes. Designs that bring warm memories of things, chores, likes, and such of my mother. This 1st block is in memory of the many times my mom hanged clothes to dry on the line (4 kids and Dad). That is how she taught me! In a tropical island there was no real need for a dryer, though I have the feeling that my mom would have loved to own one, especially when raising my younger sister and I and having to deal with flares of lupus. I'm so grateful for having her as my mom and for the way she taught me!!! The last advice mom gave me regarding laundry was when I was already married and with my first baby, she said to me: "don't put off folding the laundry, it's much better to fold as soon as the dryer stops". Simple but oh so true!!!