Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rose Vine Pillowcase

Embroidering a pillowcase for my mom. All the tracing and the progress shown was done this evening. Started with a plastic oval hoop but it wasn't working (plastic hoops are not my thing) so I switch to a Hardwicke Manor hoop... ahhh much better now!

Using a combination of motifs from Aunt Martha's booklet no.402 traced onto a piece of Sticky Fabri-Solvy.

Using variegated thread or properly called; DMC Colors Variation no.4110 and no.4070. The roses and vine's stem with 3 strands, the leaves with 2 strands.

The pillowcase is from Room Essentials (Target). My goal is to have this pillowcase done within a week.

I'll be taking a short blog break. Until next time! Enjoy the week ahead!


  1. Very nice work! I'm thinking about embroidering some pillowcases that I will make "from scratch" and was wondering if I should stamp them before sewing them up, or make the cases first, then stamp. In a way you've answered my question; I think you're embroidering on cases already made?

    1. Yes, I'm using store bought pillowcases :-). However, if you rather use the band of the pillowcase for your embroidery and have the back of your stitching hidden then stamping and embroidering your designs before sewing the pillowcases is the way to go.

  2. Your stitches are perfect, and I love the look of the variegated theads! Plastic hoops are not my thing either, and I always opt for a wooden one (the older the better haha). Beautiful job!

    1. Thanks :-)! Wooden hoops have that warmth to them, in my opinion.

  3. Beautiful!! I love the roses.

    Are you enjoying using the fabri-solvy? I have yet to try it, but think it might be good to run through the printer for those larger and more detailed patterns.

    1. Thanks! \
      Yes, I like the Sticky Fabri-Solvy a lot! It is very easy to use and very convenient. I do rinse well (or machine wash depending on what it is) in order to remove any product residue (if you do a quick rinse you may feel the fabric a bit stiff once dry... not so if you rinse well). You can print, trace, photocopy, etc. on it. I have the printer size and the one that comes on a large sheet that you cut to needed size- which I used for this pillow project.


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