Pretty Vintage Poppy Pattern

Few months ago my sweet friend and spiritual sister J., sent me a vintage tablecloth WIP that she acquired and thought I may liked it. (Thanks again my dear friend J., for such a lovely vintage gift!) The 1st owner started to work on it but didn't complete it. It is a pre-stamped square-ish tablecloth with 4 napkins included in the pre-stamped panel.
Here is a picture of the entire panel. I love, love, love, red poppies. However I most likely will have to change colors whenever the time comes to start working on this panel in order for it to match our home decor colors.
The appliqué and hand embroidery combination is very eye catching... love it! The stitcher turned under a bit of seam allowance and used blanket stitch.
Love blue and yellow together! Did you noticed the sequence in which the embroidery was worked? Or perhaps there was a 2nd embroiderer? I've learned a few tips from this unfinished tablecloth panel!
I've also noticed that at some point the embroiderer ran out of green 6ply thread and was resourceful and made do with what was at hand by using perlé cotton instead (see picture below). Another possibility is that perhaps there was a 2nd person that acquired this panel (before my friend J.) and tried stitching on it with what she/he had available. The centers of the blue flowers are also worked in perlé cotton and other little areas as well.
Maybe some of you may like to add this poppy design to your embroidery pattern collection so I'm sharing a tracing of it with you ;-).
Embroidery stitches used: satin stitch, lazy daisy/detached chain stitch, straight stitch, french knot, stem stitch.
To make it as in the original just trace around the outer shape of the poppy leaving out all the inner lines. Use the outer shape of the poppy as your template by tracing around it. If using Needleturn Appliqué Technique then remember to cut with an extra 1/4 of an inch of fabric all around.

PS: Will try to make it into a PDF document just in case is preferred that way. Check back in few days for a PDF link to it. Here it is Pretty Vintage Poppy Pattern!