Back To Stitching!

Someone around here is back to stitching!
Remember her SS dachshund wip?
Well she made some progress this past weekend.
(work in progress shot)
If you took a look at the previous post you probably noticed
that she told me to rip her previous stitches because she
wanted to start over. It's amazing how in few months (in which she didn't 
embroider at all) she was able 
to do a better job... kids grow so fast!
I was stitching next to her when I took this picture but forgot to 
take a picture of the progress dd made before she 
put it away, however, while she napped a very proud momma went 
into her dd's basket to snap a few ;-).
She has really improved her backstitch!
Don't you think?
She is stitching this for her baby sister and requested my help
to turn it into a stuffed toy with a rattle and a "squeeker"
inside once she is done.
I made sure I left everything in its place after 
the photo shoot.
 (Just so you know this is how she keeps her things... 
I do not.. and I repeat, I do not 
arrange her things whatsoever. She loves to keep her things
just so and will notice right away if something is not in place.)
She asked me if I can get her a larger basket because
her stash fits a bit tight on this one. I told her that maybe but only 
if she keeps up with her stitching. 
I thought she has lost interest but I guess she was only 
on a long stitchy break.
We have made plans to do a Mom and Daughter Stitch-Along
... will share details on a future post.