Stitchathon Weekend

Thankfully I'm feeling better but to be on the safe side will take it easy this weekend.

(Please note: 3rd picture on 1st vertical column Picture Attribution to Mollie/Wild Olive. More info on this picture on her blog, almost at the end of this post:
(You can also find the pattern on her etsy shop: here.)

Easy when it comes to errands and chores but not from stitching.
I'm declaring this weekend
9/21/12 to 9/23/12 my
Stitchathon Weekend.
Let see how much progress
I can make on my wips!
Will be posting progress throughout
on my new Instagram. It is sooo easy to upload pictures there and you can upload as many as you like. (I no longer have an instagram account.)

When my Stitchathon comes to an end, then I will post here my accomplishment(s).
Hope y'all have a great weekend!