Barney Park Sampler

Dd & I started another stitching-along! We are working on one of Charlotte Lyons' samplers; Barney Park.
Our goal is to have it finished or close to being finished by the end of June.
We haven't made much progress but we are enjoying stitching together. Dd already learned another stitch!

Dd's dollies came to admire her work and from what I overheard, they were really impressed!

So far, I've been leaning towards earthy, soft neutrals and a few cooler tones. I needed a change of pace! There are others stitching-along with us, definitely encouraging to be able to admire each others work, see their choices of pattern/sampler, thread colors, stitches, etc., plus cheer one another up!

I have a few other Charlotte Lyons' samplers that I'm hoping to incorporate into a scrappy quilt when I'm done stitching all of them. Dd has similar plans... she too has a few other samplers that her embroidery enabler mommy got for her 'cause she liked them.... and I love nurturing her interest in hand embroidery in every single way possible!

Finding the time to do what you love,... oh, how rewarding!
Have a great weekend!
(Notes: Charlotte Lyons Etsy & Blog.)