Presencia Finca Perle Cotton #12

Happy to have add these bobbins of Presencia Finca Perle Cotton
size 12 to my
embroidery thread stash.
I have personal reasons to be partial
to this brand (lots to do with how beautiful & vibrant the colors are, very satisfied working with size 8 and ;-) the 1/3 of Spaniard blood in me).

Having a color card with actual samples of the thread colors is so helpful!
Which reminds me that I need to add some other colors like: brown, teal, gray & beige.
Now patiently looking forward to
some free time in my schedule
to try them out.

This pair of Scisoroo scissors were sent as a gift by a very generous lady.
Thanks so much Ms. R.!
They are lovely and so well made!

PS: I've ordered Presencia
size 12 directly from the