Warm and Nice, Little Stitching.

While away I managed to stitch the last pattern of the Winter Stitching Club and re-start on block #1 for my mom's quilt. Didn't accomplish much. I meant to keep up with my WIP's, and was totally well packed and prepared as you can see in the picture below. Oh well, things don't always happen as plan.

The weather was so warm and nice, we were in good company, and there was good food... especially the delicious tropical fruits. We tried to enjoy our stay there as much as possible.

On our way back I started again on the first block for mom's quilt. It didn't feel right to stitch things that reminded me of her since the quilt it's not about me. Mom loved flowers, especially roses and orchids. She had a small rose garden and a few orchids but she found all flowers beautiful. Mom rather receive a flower plant as a gift than a bouquet of flowers. Mom will tell us that a flower plant will give her joy for years and that a bouquet will quickly wither.

So it made a lot of sense to stitch flowers for mom. I am using Aunt Martha's no. 3813 and most likely will add extra roses and a few orchids as well. I will eventually finish Mrs. Laundry Hen and she will become part of another future crafty project for the end of summer or the beginning of autumn ;-). More on that when the time comes!

Now back to reality,... and catch up with things around here.
Lots to do but I'm glad to be back home!