Mrs. Laundry Hen

We have been very busy around here. This will be the busiest July ever!
Do to our tight schedules most of my embroidery WIP's are on hold. However, few days ago I was able to sit for a bit and add a few more stitches to Mrs. Laundry Hen.

The clothesline is done and I'm almost done with her barrel basket full of clean wet laundry.

Hoping that there will be a breezy sunny day for her and that stormy clouds stay away so she doesn't have to rush back to take her clothes down.

(Aren't these colors above pretty? They remind me of a garden in full bloom.)
I'll try to keep sneaking a few minutes here and there, perhaps Mrs. Laundry Hen will be completed soon!

A few more patterns made it to my Aunt Martha's Transfers pattern collection. In specific some from the Green category from which I didn't have many. This is what happens after a very busy day, your body is death tire and achy to do anything else but your brain is not ready to retire for the night so while you are lying down you do a bit of damage to your pocket, (wait let me rephrase that)... you do a bit of retail therapy from your handheld device :-).

I'll be taking a blog break for a few days. In the meantime we'll keep busy with: extra volunteer work hours, an upcoming 3 day Convention, a variety of summer activities (isn't blowing bubbles and chasing after them fun?), special visitors, and the occasional bits of stitching.
Until later! Enjoy the days ahead!